Small Butler Tray

42 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm

A perfect sized tray for bringing around cups of tea and cake. Looks great engraved with TEA FOR TWO, BREAKFAST IN BED, CREAM TEA/HIGH TEA, 11 O'CLOCKISH or names and dates.

We also find that they are great trays to keep on your desk for those things you may need to deal with.
This is our favourite birthday present for a 18 year old. They can keep it at their desk for years to come, but then later in life it will be used in their home for serving drinks to guests or receiving breakfast in bed...

Each corner features a hand cut 'finger joint' which shows of the beauty of the wood. The clean lines give it a contemporary look. Using traditional methods and first class craftsmanship, it is made to last forever.

PRICES FROM - £ 255.00