Clutter Tray

Engraving suggestions:
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42 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm
with a desk tidy insert measuring 15 x 28 x 3.5 cm

The perfect solution for all that stuff we need to keep track of at all times. Today's post, important papers, forms to be filled in, gadgets and phones, a wallet, keys and other bits & bobs. A combination of a traditional in-tray and a desk tidy - a mini office/study really.

Keep it all in one place and keep it off kitchen surfaces and hall tables. Perfect for the one in your life who always is looking for things or asks you 'where did you put...' or 'have you seen my...'

Each corner features a hand cut 'finger joint' which shows of the beauty of the wood. The clean lines give it a contemporary look. The desk tidy insert can be removed and used separately if you wish. Using traditional methods and first class craftmanship, this is made to last forever.

Engraving 1 is that on the Desk Tidy - max 12 letters. Engraving 2 is on the outside of the big tray - max 12 letters if you would like it all in one line, but we can do a two line engraving if you wish. Generally the larger we can make the engraving the more beautiful it is... so don't try to squeeze too much in.

PRICES FROM - £ 245.00