Why everybody needs a Butler('s Tray)...

When it comes to the mastery of craftsmanship, elegance of design, and the beauty of natural oak, nothing exemplifies this better than our Butler's Trays at The Oak & Rope Company. On top of that it is one of those items you end up wondering how you ever lived without!

Maybe that is why it is one of my favourite things to make...

A bit of a show off piece...

Every Butler's Tray begins in our workshop in Kent, UK, where we infuse our love for woodwork into each piece.

Our process always ensues with hand-selection of the best oak, setting the stage for the creation of quality products that can last a lifetime or longer.

Above you can view the assembly, sanding and oiling of one of our Medium Size Butler's Trays. Each step is repeated until we are one hundred percent happy.

The Butler's Tray echoes the versatility and service-oriented nature of a traditional butler quite literally. It's much more than a tray; it's a story shown through craftsmanship and natural patterns of oak. Designed to be both practical and romantic at the same time, the Butler's Tray complements and enhances any home setting.

The tray's design is carefully thought through. Each corner features a hand-cut 'finger joint', which is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the allure of the wood. These joints not only provide structural strength but also magnify the beauty of the grain and patterns in the oak, reframing the aesthetics from every angle.

anticipating every need, serving without being asked

The Qualities you want in your Butler('s Tray):

And why a Butler's Tray is called a Butler's Tray...

  1. Discretion: Just like a butler blends into the background until needed, our Butler’s Tray can quietly sit in a corner or on a side table maintaining its subtlety until it's time to serve, complementing rather than overpowering your home decor.
  2. Attention to Detail: Crafted with the finest oak, each Tray is made with precision and care, reflecting the same meticulous attention to detail a good butler exhibits. From the specific finger joint corners to the personalised engravings, our Tray shows a remarkable level of detail you can enjoy each day.
  3. Anticipation of Needs: The multi-purpose Butler's Tray is designed to anticipate and cater to your diverse needs. Need to carry treats from the kitchen to your guests in the living room? The Butler's Tray is there. Need a convenient side table for your afternoon tea? The Butler's Tray meets that requirement too.
  4. Flexibility: As adaptable as a competent butler, our Tray can serve multiple functions based on your needs - it can be a serving tray, a side table, an aesthetic display piece, or a surface for your personal belongings.
  5. Organisational Skills: Much like a butler keeping things orderly, the Butler’s Tray can hold various items, helping bring organisation to your space. It is a platform to gather your things systematically and elegantly.
  6. Professionalism: Crafted with passion and a high level of craftsmanship, the Butler's Tray embodies professionalism. It's functional, yet elegant, becoming a part of your home or events while maintaining poise and class.
  7. Problem-Solving Skills: Need to clear the dining table quickly? Looking for a portable surface to work on? The Butler's Tray is your solution. Like a butler finding solutions to unexpected situations, the Tray can make your life easier in many unpredictable situations.

In all, the Butler's Tray from The Oak & Rope Company is a versatile, elegant, and practical solution that serves with the same dedication and finesse as an exceptional butler.

The engraving further adds a personalised touch to each Butler's Tray, transforming it from a lovely item into an heirloom. Whether it's a couple's names, a thoughtful saying, house name, or a wedding date - each engraving will hold a unique significance for its owner.

Crafted with care, passion, and a high level of expertise, the Butler's Tray functions as a utility, a decor piece, or a kind carrier for your treats, and at the same time, an elegant side-table. This multipurpose item tenderly marries usefulness with charm, making it an invaluable addition to any home.

The allure of the Butler's Tray rests not only in its design or functionality, but in its ability to celebrate the spirit of oak and the skills of our makers.

So, why does everybody need a Butler('s Tray)? Because it's a beautiful expression of craftsmanship, versatility, and the organic asymmetry of nature housed in your home. It's an expertly crafted tool that brings beauty, durability and functionality into your everyday life in the most understated, elegant way.

Large Butler's Tray with stand

from £355

Your biggest loyal helper...

Medium Size Butler's Tray

from £295

Your middle size helper.

Small Butler's Tray

from £255

Small but mighty helper