20.2.2022 | Jeanette Aurdal

It's a sign!

A lovely house sign is necessary to make a good first impression on anybody visiting your home. It also makes life easier for the delivery drivers who bring our parcels.

A solid oak sign is virtually maintenance free, and looks even better with age...

Repatriation of mis-delivered parcels is a good way of catching up with the neighbours, but not very helpful to already confused and stressed delivery drivers... Giving directions repeatedly to people who are lost is a waste of time for everybody concerned.

We have an extensive and gorgeous range of oak wooden signs for every situation. Below is our step-by-step guide to selecting the right one for your house.

But first scroll through some examples of our work for inspiration.

3 questions to ask yourself before choosing your house sign:

1: Is your sign for a single or for multiple properties?

2: Would you like your sign to hang on a wall, fence or gate, or would you like the sign to be on posts?

3: Would you like the lettering to be natural or painted?

We have signage solutions for a single house and for an estate setup. If multiple owners are involved it may be difficult to get everybody to agree on the look and layout of the signs. Our recommendation is that you take the lead.

We work with you to produce proofs and quotations which you can present to all relevant parties, and we can make changes until everybody is happy.

(Below is one of those mock-ups that makes sure everybody is happy with the design before we start making).

It is easier if you are the only decision maker. You then simply have to decide how you want your sign positioned. Our wall hung signs come with hidden bracket on the back, so you only need to fix two screws to the wall. We even have instructions for this in our resources section...

If you need posts for a free standing solution you can follow our instruction for how to erect your sign on these pages as well.

Oak signs are virtually maintenance free if you are happy for them to go that distinctive silver colour. The engraving goes naturally darker in the weathering process, so the contrast develops over time. If you want maximum visibility from day one, particularly if the signs need to be read from a distance, we recommend selecting our 'paint inside letters' option.

We also have a section showing you how to care for your sign over the next decades, but mostly it involves a bit of soap and water from time to time!

The Ordering Process...

After you have selected the right sign for you, please place your order on our website.

We will then create a mock-up of your sign based on our years of experience. 9 times out of 10 people approve our first suggestion, but we are happy to make tweaks and adjustments until you are 100% happy with how it looks. If you have an exact size available for your sign we will work with you to type set your wording within this. Otherwise we start with your house name and work out which size of oak we need from there...

Each and every commission is unique.

Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks from approval of artwork

Explore our various oak signage solutions

from £200

Explore the various categories based on your conclusions above. There are lots of wonderful photos of past projects too.

If you have something completely bespoke in mind...

Email us on info@theoakandropecompany.co.uk with your ideas and requirements. We will work out a solution together.

Here are a few more examples of the type of signs we can make...