How to hang up a coat peg rail on your wall...

One of Marie Kondo's top tips for keeping organised is to use peg storage for your most-used items. Hanging storage is by far the most efficient, so we install our peg racks wherever we can.

All of our 'on the wall' designs come with hidden brackets on the back. It means there will be no unsightly screws or holes at the front. They all have an upside down key hole or two at the back, which secures on a screw.

Below you can see what you need to install one of our coat peg rails. It is one of the more complicated installations in our range, but really easy if you follow our advice below.

The same principle applies to our signs, height charts, key racks etc.


You need an electric drill, a spirit level, tape measure, pencil, screws and raw plugs (depending on what type of wall you are fixing it to). Speak to us or your local DIY store for advice about which ones to use for your wall.


On the peg racks the 'key hole' is made of metal, inset into the oak, making it very strong.


Measure the distance between the centre of each 'key hole'


Drill your holes in the wall this distance apart. Make sure you use the spirit level so it is straight. It is hard to illustrate this on my very uneven brick wall... Put the raw plug in the holes and screw the screw in, leaving it sticking out about 8 mm from the wall.


Next step is to line up the peg rail and feel your way around till both screws are in the right position inserted in the big hole part of the 'key hole' behind the peg rail. When both are in position, push down, and check that it is level.