How to install a post...

If you are not a natural diy-er or practical person, installing a post can seem a bit daunting. Here is our simple step by step process. The same principle applies to a big signpost, smaller posts for signage and could be used for our tree stakes too if you want a particularly secure installation.

The only job you start at the top is digging a hole.
- Unknown

1. Dig the hole

Select the location of your installation. We recommend digging a hole 1 to 2 feet deep (30-60 cm) depending on the ground.

Professional fence installers may insist on deeper holes than that, but bear in mind that it is not a weight bearing gate you are installing.

2. Belts and braces?

Some people insist on covering the bottom of the post with some plastic. I am not too convinced about that. The natural tannin in the oak give it all the protection it needs... but on this occasion it was not worth the discussion.

3. Level up...

Place the post in the hole at the height you are happy with. Remember to review which direction each engraving points to. Use a level to ensure it is standing straight in all directions. There are some apps you can download for your phone if you don't own a spirit level.

Lockdown Beard alert...

4. Firm it up...

Backfill the whole with mixed cement or a wonderful dry product called Postcrete, available from various diy stores online. This is a dry cement powder which you pack around the post and it absorbs moisture from the surroundings and sets over time.

Make sure the post does not move before the cement or postcrete is set.

5. Stand back & admire your handy work...

If you have followed the directions above, your post will stay in place for a very long time. If you send us a photo of your installation we will send you a little surprise gift as a reward for passing level one of landscaping... Hanging a garden swing will be easy after this.

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