Mile Post

Engraving suggestions:
  • TO THE MOON & BACK 477,710 miles
Our take on the traditional milestone. Mark your favourite destinations or the locations of where your loved ones live on this sign post.

A wonderful feature to put in the garden, a field or on a favourite walk.

A perfect present for your parents, marking the distance to all the children or places of shared memories.

Go to to calculate the distances you would like to include.

Personalise as many sides of the milepost as you would like, with as many letters as you need.

It is made of 'green oak', the same grade that is used to build timber framed buildings. Green oak is not seasoned, and therefore WILL SPLIT. This adds to the individual character of the piece. It is similar to that of the ageing process of oak beams in a house and part of the woods natural beauty. Outside the milestone will go that silvery grey colour, and the engraving will go darker.

13 x 13 x 90 cm approximately. (We allow for at least 30 cm to be dug into the ground).

PRICES FROM - £ 335.00