Best Sellers

What started off as a last-minute birthday present for a friend has developed into a range of more than 200 different designs. Many of them you will have seen over the last 13 years, but some of the 'best-sellers' may come as a surprise to you...

Start with the Basics... and go from there!

from £115

The essentials... These jars look so smart out on the worktop, and are a great starting point for a larger collection.

#1 The Kitchen chopping, cheese or serving boards, rectangular

It is universally recognised that wood is the very best material for chopping boards, and every kitchen has to have at least one wooden board.

We make these spectacular kitchen essentials in two thicknesses, 45 mm and 35 mm. You can have them with groove handles or with rope handles.

Typically they are engraved with names, house names, significant dates or co-ordinates. We think every home needs one of these. They are a popular wedding presents, but great for any gift occasion or for your own home.

Although it is always scary to make the first cut into these beautiful boards, we think they look better with daily use. When well looked after, these can be passed down through the family and should wear the knife scars of the meals shared along the way.

"They add a unique and romantic character to any kitchen, traditional or modern. They are the heirlooms of the future."

These are not only being given as popular presents all over the world, but also being used by professionals like Annabel Karmel and The Meal Prep King

Each board come in a beautiful box with care instructions and a little bottle of butcher block oil.

Rectangular Board

from £165

Our Oak and Rope Rectangular Cheese, Chopping or Bread board makes a beautiful centrepiece for your table - it will be a talking point and subject to much admiration. The boards are made using traditional methods, showing off the natural beauty of the wood.

#2 The Gin & Tonic Board

There is a world wide gin craze. In the UK most people will argue that the G&T never went out of fashion. It may even have been responsible for the rise (and possibly the fall) of the British Empire.

The recent revival is probably down to the wide range of delicious artisan gins that are being produced, and the fact that the G&T is one of the few cocktails that are simple enough to make at home without much planning. All you need is a citrus fruit of sort. And that is where our boards come in...

One of our customers who bought a personalised G&T board for her husband said she was so delighted, as she was fed up with him using a big chopping board to cut a couple of slices of lemon! Other's are just happy as they feel it gives them 'permission' to make their favourite tipple every evening. You'd be surprised how many people actually have this as their daily evening routine...

Gin & Tonic Board

from £45

Beautiful little chunky boards, perfect for chopping fruit, the lemon for your Gin & Tonic, serving up nibbles or cheese for two. Hand engraved in our workshop in Kent.

We make boards in every size and shape, for every purpose and for any budget... We are proud to be one of the only companies who are still able to hand carve these heirlooms of the future, keeping old skills alive at the same time as creating beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time and every day use.

#3 The Round kitchen chopping, cheese or serving boards

Our round boards make a real statement. These are hand turned and there is something very organic about the shape. It shows off every angle of the oak and highlights the beauty of the end grain in particular. The the varying angles of shadows in the hand carved lettering on the edge makes if difficult to photograph, so these are even better than they look here in 'real life'.

Some people keep these out as a permanent centrepiece on their table, use them as serving and cheese boards or as their every-day chopping board.

We simply LOVE them when they take on the patina of years of daily use...

The Round Boards

from £175

Hand carved with the wording of your choice by our exceptional craftsmen, these will always become a talking point.

"For centuries bread boards were given like greeting cards, at weddings, birthdays, as holiday souvenirs and even professional milestones."
- 'Vintage Breadboards' by Madelaine Neave, 2019

#4 The Family Recharging Station

What is the correct etiquette for phones and devices? I think we are still working it out... And that means we can still be part of shaping it for the future! Good design is all about making us live our lives better and these Device Parking/Recharging stations are great for enforcing the standards you want for your family...

It has been amazing to see people's imagination on what to engrave on these. If you click on the link above you will see a wide selection of suggestions. We started it off with a simple 'We recharge here...' but our customers have brought it to the next level.

We created these because we wanted to have a single place for all the chargers to live and to encourage everybody to park their devices every so often. It really works. What will you engrave on yours?

Recharging station

from £95

Calling screen addicts of all ages.

#5 The Doorstop

They were the second thing we made in the workshop and I think that over the last 10 years it is safe to say that they have become iconic. In the beginning people often pointed at them and asked - What is that...? That never happens any more.

It is the combination of the two textures. Where the oak meets the rope. How it is cleverly held together by two small wedges.

And then there are all the wonderful possibilities for the engraving... with up to 4 sides available there is no limit to who/what and when you can gift these. It is not only house warming, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries that are ideal, but father's day, corporate gifting and all other 'thank-yous'.

I would love to know how many doors these have opened for people both physically and metaphorically...


from £95

You can commission something completely unique. We hand carve the names, dates, destinations or sayings of your choice.

#6 The Large Swing

It is safe to say that we are the worlds leading maker of garden rope swings. Our seats have touched many famous bottoms and are hanging in many prominent locations.

However, do not look for the perfect location, but take a location and make it perfect. Wherever these go they make a unique place.

Each swing comes with a beautifully illustrated suggestion book for how you can hang your swing, or click here to see how we do it...

Few things are more romantic. That is why we recommend them as wedding presents as well as a present for your children, god-children or Granny's garden.

Large Swing

from £410

You can’t push these swings with a smart phone in your hand, they require your full attention and they become the perfect place to share special moments.

We hope your swing will be your happy place, a place for both priceless giggles and important chats, creating precious memories of the future!

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
- George Bernard Shaw

#7 The Carving Board

This board becomes the gathering point of your Sunday Lunches with friends and family.

Imagine all the tales it will hear and mouths it will feed... We have made them large enough to hold anything from the Christmas Turkey or big summer BBQ, to the Ploughman or snack supper for two.

It also has a long enough edge for some great engraving options.

The Sunday Roast is a British institution, American Thanksgiving lunch is the highlight of most US family's calendar, the Australians will gather family and friends for a 'Barbie' at any opportunity, in South-America they gather around for an Asado and the South-Africans have their Braai. Despite the vegetarian revolution so many of our social gatherings has a board of meat as the centrepiece!

Our carving board is the perfect celebration of this primal habit. Ever since the stone age, when man got their first basic tools, they have needed a sturdy piece of wood to carve the meat from to feed their family.

Carving Board

from £245

Hand engraved carving board for your family gatherings...

#8 The Jars

They are simply so versatile... Read all about it in our blog: A Jar for Everyone & Everything in a Jar. You might find that you need at least a couple of these for yourself.

Everybody needs at least one...

from £40

They are the prefect present for a godchild filled with their favourite treats, but grandpa will love one too for his special biscuits! Build up your collection over time to include the pretty pulses, your tea selection and all those other beautiful ingredients you want to have to hand.

#9 The Bootjacks.

We never understood why traditional boot pulls are made narrow at the back, and why nobody thought about this design before... Our small improvement to this old classic makes all the difference. The other ones only do half the job! With our unique design you can easily take your boots off AND keep your socks dry. There is one side for the muddy boot, leaving the other side for your clean sock.

Not only does our design make a lot more sense, but people have so much fun with the engravings they choose too, making this an absolute perfect present for anybody who wears shoes or boots!

Click here to see all the fantastic ideas for what to engrave for house warming presents, wedding presents, anniversary presents and particularly advanced birthdays...


For anyone who wears shoes...

from £95

A little dirt never hurt..., Pulling Together or Pulling it off?!

Give it some welly or simply focus on this perfect design and go for one without any engraving.

#10 Notice Boards

#11 Butter Dishes

.... and as an un-numbered, but need a mention in the Best Sellers is our Parkland benches. They need a mention not because we sell so many of these, but when we do we really feel we are part of the journey. Hours can go into making sure the stencils are set out correctly and they can take days to carve, but when they arrive (normally delivered by a designated driver and van) there are often tears of joy!