Large Swing

Engraving suggestions:
  • TO THE MOON & BACK ...
  • PUSHING FORTY (or any other age)
  • (family name)
  • (house name)
You can’t really push these swings with a smart phone in one hand, they require your full attention and it is the perfect place to share special moments. Great for playing, but large enough for a comfortable seat. Makes a great retreat under any tree.

"Don't look for the perfect place, take the place & make it perfect!"

Typically engraved with a house name, couple's names or children's names. Makes a wonderful present for grandparents, an anniversary present or wedding present. Other engravings we have done are AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES, PUSH HERE, BUT WHAT IF YOU FLY? or STILL SWINGING AT SIXTY. Or how about ABOVE US ONLY SKY...

See our suggestions for how to fix the swings in a tree. We can now also supply the brackets. If you don't like the idea of fixing the swing yourself we recommend contacting a local tree surgeon. Contact us if you think you need longer rope than what is specified here.

Includes up to 25 letters engraved on each side. Seat measures: 76 x 30 x 4.5 cm (30" x 12" x 1 3/4"), comes with 2 x 8 meter (26ft) of 24 mm manila rope fixed/spleised to the swing and some suggestions for how to fix it to the tree.

Comes with a booklet which shows you how we go about hanging swings...

PRICES FROM - £ 495.00