19.1.2022 | Jeanette Aurdal

How we became the world's most famous garden swing makers...

You could not make it up...

As you can see from our own journey, you never can tell where your garden swing is going to take you... Our tree swing seats make the perfect presents for every milestone event from baby presents, christening presents, early birthdays, big birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. They even make wonderful memorials for loved ones! In short, everybody needs an Oak & Rope swing in their life.
- Jeanette Aurdal, The World's Most Famous Swing Maker

In a world where we normally wrap our children up in cotton wool, the swing is a place where they can learn to take calculated risks. Where they can literally learn to “push themselves” and to create their own fun.

So in learning the workings of the swing they do not only learn the meaning of life, but they develop balance and co-ordination and get a full body workout.

The garden swing can also be a great place to escape to for a moment of calm for all ages. The gentle movement of a hanging swing puts everybody at ease. Sit there with a baby in arms, a toddler in distress, an angry teenager or even a stressed spouse and see the effects. Greate conversations just happen in places like that, and from great conversations other paths are carved.

Such a place is also perfect for capturing on camera, and we have seen many beautiful portraits and family photographs. Smiles and postures are not ackward when you are on a swing. It is the perfect location for that ‘first day’ going to nursery, school or university, or to gather your loved ones to capture other milestones in life.

Seeing your swing hanging in the distance is also a daily reminder to slow down and take a moment to breathe, even on the days this is simply a good intention rather than our reality.

A customer recently wrote to us to tell us that her garden swing is the most precious thing in her life, after her daughter and her dog. I think she is still married...
Wrap Party Gift from the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

Medium Size Swing

from £385

Probably the most practical and versatile of all swings. Large enough to fit a couple of small people's bottoms and most adults too, yet small enough to propel high into the sky.

Large Oak & Rope™ Garden Swing

from £545

This is the first swing we ever made and it has a certain Alice in Wonderland feeling to it with it's generous proportions. We all feel like little children when sitting on this swing seat.

A great place to play for children of all ages, but these also make a lovely seat under a tree in your garden.