Cancelled my wedding...

Sometimes the responsibility is unreal, but please read the rest of this story.

Our doorstops are made using green oak which means it has yet to be seasoned. They WILL crack. Often the cracks are there when the doorstop leaves our workshop. Other times they develop over time. It is part of their character.

Depending on what your situation is you will however find signs around you to tell you what you already know. This was the case for the young girl who had been given one of our doorstops as an engagement present. Luckily when she told me the story her mother was with her and confirmed that breaking off the engagement was definitely the right decision.

So that is one doorstop that had a function above and beyond keeping doors open. It opened somebody's eyes!

Doorstop with special powers...

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The solid pieces of oak all develop their own unique cracks and patina. A bit like all humans and relationships do really.