Doorstop for Weddings and Engagements

Engraving suggestions:
This is such a popular wedding and anniversary gift.
Not only practical and beautiful, but also incredibly romantic!
When a couple decide to 'tie the knot' they love seeing their names together, and few things are more symbolic than seeing them carved in oak!

The oak is a global symbol of strength and longevity and the fact that each of these solid blocks develop their own character and 'imperfections' adds a further dimension.

This substantial doorstop in solid oak will keep an 'open door policy' in any household. It measures approximately 14cm x 14cm x 24cm and weighs about 4 kg.

We use 'green oak' to make these doorstops, the same grade that is used to build timber framed buildings. Green oak is not completely seasoned, therefore there are varying degrees of cracks in these blocks. This is all in character with the wood. It is similar to that of the ageing process of oak beams and is part of the natural beauty of the wood. The cracks can change over time as the wood reaches equilibrium with its environment. Very often they close up when the moisture of the core of the blocks is equalised with its surroundings, however there is no guarantee of this.

Blocks of these sizes can not be dried/kilned without cracks developing. If you do not like this look, we suggest another product of smaller dimensions where we use super prime kiln dried oak, which should not crack. The cracks will not affect the function of the doorstop and the handle will stay secure.

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PRICES FROM - £ 120.00