Best investment ever...

My husband has been in charge of our Sunday Roast ever since!

It may be a bit old fashioned, but quite a few of our customers find an occasion to buy their husband a carving board. I have to admit that even in our home it is an established ritual that my husband will carve.

Some husbands apparently complain a lot about the lack of 'the proper' tools, be it a wobbly board or the knife not being sharp enough - and where is the big fork?!

Often husband-presents can really be a house-present, but the fact that they so often are in charge of the carving, makes the carving board something actually for them! Engrave a phrase they often use whilst doing the carving (yes, that is a thing) or their name to it, and there is no arguing that this is not a personal present to them.

A number of our customers have reported that following buying their husband a carving board they are truly proud of they have taken full charge of all the elements of the British institution that is The Family Sunday Roast...

A thoughtful Father's Day, Anniversary or Birthday Present for your partner can change the dynamic of your family meal time forever.

The Ultimate Carving Board

from £245

A truly life changing investment according to our customers!