How our Carving Boards are made

Our beautiful solid wooden carving boards are much admired and become an instant heirloom. Watch the journey from solid pieces of oak in our workshop to the centrepiece on our family table...

Watching the transformation of the planks of oak in the wood rack to the finished product really makes you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into one of our award winning carving boards*. Watching the skills of the craftsmen and women gives you assurance of the quality, effort and soul that goes into it.

Appreciating the Craftsmanship: Unpacking the Carving Board

Knowing that the oak is sourced from sustainable sources, only using the finest European oak to acheive the best possible quality and keeping old skills like hand carving alive; assures you that you are supporting a small business, trying to make a positive impact on the enviroment and the world.

Not only a transformation from Oak planks to Carving Board...

But also the making of a Family Heirloom...

BBC Good Food selected The Oak & Rope Company Carving Board as THE BEST carving board quite a few years ago. This was based on it's generous size, practical juice collecting grooves and well, it's juice pouring spout and superious quality.

However, when you buy one of our beautiful carving board you actually experience seeing something transforming from being something functional into something treasured right before your eyes!

However, when you buy one of our beautiful carving board you actually experience seeing something transforming from being something functional into something treasured right before your eyes!

Each carving board is truly unique. The very nature of wooden boards dictates that each piece has its unique pattern in the grain of the oak. You will soon notice the little natural variations and treasure them. Add your own engraving which is hand carved for your piece, it will celebrate your house name, family names, sayings or phrases. It will raise a smile every time the board comes out.

Quickly your unique board will become the centre piece of your Summer BBQ's as well as Family Roasts through the Autumn and Winter.

The stories our carving boards could tell...

The reasons you should buy on of our Award Winning Carving Boards are many:

  • Have the best carving board to carve your meats off.
  • Create an unique focal point for your family meals
  • Encourage 'proper' cooking as a family tradition
  • Buy one as a gift for somebody else you think would appreciate the points above.

Alternatively send this on to someone who might be thinking about getting you a present soon...

Father's Day in the UK is June 18th this year.

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Which one suits you?

Small Carving Board

from £175

If your gatherings are normally for 4-5 people, this is the perfect boards for you.

Designed exactly like our larger board with the same grooves for gathering meat juices.

Perhaps the best option for those who have a smaller table or those who like to enjoy a roast more regularly than just for the big gatherings.

Best Selling Carving Board

from £245

Best selling because it can fit everything from the Christmas Turkey to a small selection of meat cuts from your BBQ.

Suitable as a house warming present, for big birthday presents or wedding presents, but also the sort of chopping board you buy yourself.

Carving Board with Studs

from £290

As an optional extra we can add some metal studs to grip on to your roast. These might be quite useful if you like your meat pulled rather than cut.

Because we don't think studs are always needed we made them removable. The studs can unscrew and attach to the back for easy storage and safe-keeping.

If you are still not sure what to engrave you can get more inspiration here...

Or simply order a Carving Board without engraving

from £165

Simply because it is the best carving board around

The ultimate feedback

A sound investment...

There is a very good reason why The BBC Good Food Guide rated this board 'The Best Chopping Board'...

Our customer feedback supports this sentiment. We designed these to simply be a practical, durable and beautiful carving board to make cooking and serving a family lunch a joy. We could not have anticipated the impact they have had - from inspiring their recipients to take charge of cooking all together, to changing the way people make their gravy, making sure nothing goes to waste...