Post with Pointing Signs

13 x 13 x 200 cm approximately post with pointy signs in the required length to allow for your engraving.

You can have a bit of fun with pointing to much loved destinations, but mostly this is a hugely practical way of making sure people can find the way to the right property.

We work with you to get every detail right, as each and every one of these are truly unique.

To make the letters stand out even more you can also select to have the letters painted. You can add wording like PRIVATE LANE down the main post. Each pointy finger sign can be engraved on both sides with the same or different engravings, depending on how much you would like to fit in.

To install these we recommend ready mixed concrete to fix the post safely in the ground. Call us for more details.

The post itself is made of 'green oak', the same grade that is used to build timber framed buildings. Green oak is not seasoned, and therefore WILL SPLIT. This adds to the individual character of the piece. It is similar to that of the ageing process of oak beams in a house and part of the woods natural beauty. The individual signs are pegged in and will remain secure.

In time the signpost will go that silvery grey colour, and the engraving will go darker. If you want the letters to be painted inside the engraving to stand out even more, we can do that as well. See below for painting options.

£200 per finger with engraving of up to 16 letters.

PRICES FROM - £ 395.00