Large Cake Stand

Engraving suggestions:
  • (name)'S BAKES
  • (name)'S CAKES
How many of us love watching bake off these days? and due to current times, more and more of us are taking up baking as a hobbie or part of our 'new' everyday lives!

It doesn't matter how deft your piping nor how light your fairy cakes, a showstopper presented on a paper plate isn't ever going to win your star baker.

On the other hand, a bit of graceful height can elevate (not just literally) even the most-humble of Victoria sponges to afternoon-tea-worthy status.

Our versatile, hand engraved cake boards are complimented with a stand, creating a beautiful environment for those hard won bake off centerpieces. Displaying your house name, quote or a simple saying what you feel best describes your baking mood.

The cake board can be bought either with or without the stand comes in three parts making it easy to store. However, left on display, it transforms into a beautiful object to be admired. You also have the option to present your perfect patisserie on just the board.

The cake board is 42cm diameter and the stand is approx 19cm off the table, although this can be made to any height. The cake board can take up to 40 hand carved characters.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to source a glass dome for this product.

PRICES FROM - £ 215.00