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Since I was lucky enough to be born a Scandinavian, universally recognized as the happiest people on earth, I have really struggled to come to terms with all this recent hype about HYGGE. I can honestly say that it simply was the way of life where I grew up, in a regular and loving home, in a small town in Norway.

I have been told that twelve books have been published about HYGGE in the last year in the UK, trying to reveal the secret… I have been given a few of these publications… and let me break it to you… the Scandinavian secret is simply about KAFFE & KAKE!

Instead of sitting down at the end of the day with a glass of wine, we refuel with coffee and a piece of cake (waffles or even a cinnamon bun). It means that instead of dozing off in front of the telly, the Scandinavians will embark on their hobbies with new energy. It means they can whittle wooden spoons, knit thick socks or embark on other home crafts fuelled on KAFFE & KAKE. Give it a go… Please note that due to the special properties of oak, any cake consumed off an oak board contains no calories.

Engraved BUN, SLITHER and LITTLE SQUARE on the top!

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