No 1. The Wedding Boards

The original wedding present...

The original wedding present...

Long before there were wedding presents in the sense we know today, the wedding platter or wedding board was a thing. Traditionally there would be a beautifully carved board with the couple's initials used to display and cut the cake at the wedding breakfast.

The intricacy of the carving and decoration varied according to the wealth of the family and the craftsmanship available. We have designed our range to enable you to commission a beautiful wooden cheese chopping or carving board in every price range...

Small Chopping Board

from £50

This is a small, but mighty chopping board. Solid oak, beautifully proportioned and carved with the couple's names and the date of their wedding.

The Monogram Board

from £95

A chunky little romantic cheese board for two... Might become a centrepiece left on the table at all times.

Best Selling Rectangular Board

from £165

This fabulous solid oak chopping board manages to be a statement piece at the same time as it becomes an everyday workhorse. The large hand carved letters show off the beauty of the wood. Names on one side, the date on the other, with a couple of options for the handles. This is our best-seller for a reason.

The Round Cheese or Chopping Board Stunner

from £175

The round board comes with or without the rope detail in the middle. The wood grain on a round piece of oak shows off the hand carved lettering in a truly unique way. These are stunning.

The Carving Board

from £25

In preparation for the family gatherings in years to come