New Products

Every day we continue to design unique, beautiful yet practical pieces for your every day. We often share our design journey on our Instagram Feed, but when we have the finished article, this is where you will find them...

Candles are always a good idea. This long candle centrepiece lets you use both the tall tapered types and tea-lights. In addition you can add a set of up-rights which lets you occasionally use a section as a food warming trivet too.

As with a lot of new designs, we are not quite sure what to call it yet, but we have settled for 'Centrepiece' until further notice. These really add beauty and function to any table. We make them in two sizes.

We can not wait to see how you make them the centrepiece of your table.




There are few things we love more at Oak & Rope than a multi talented design. This candle centrepiece is so versatile you can use it as a regular trivet, a place to keep your food warm or simply a beautiful candle holder for both tea lights and dinner candles.

Our large trays have been a firm favourite for many years now, with or without the tall stand. From time to time our customers have asked if we can make trays for having breakfast-in-bed. This indulgence has however not been high on my list of priorities, until we worked out that we could make this tray work both for your hectic every day and for those lazy days.

The solution is simple really. We have added a low removable 'in-bed' stand to our range. The stand folds up neatly and can be kept under your bed or in a cupboard when the tray is busy in your day-to-day life.

If you have bought one of our large trays before, you can simply buy the stand separately...



The To Do... What you need the most this time of year is a well organised To Do List... Our Chalkboards can now be made with a little handy shelf for the chalk. Absolutely no excuses not to be organised!

Recently we have also been making a few very bespoke photo displays, extra large notice boards and even some score boards for various clubs. Call us if you have a project you would like to discuss. Don't leave it on your todo list for too long though, as bespoke projects do take a bit longer.





We have long resisted making one of these... Not because they are not very useful, but

a) because there are so many poor quality mechanisms for sale out there that I thought we would have to incorporate and

b) because they go under the most ridiculous name: Lazy Susan.

But we have overcome the first obstacle, as usual by coming up with our own solution. We have been thinking about it for a while, and finally we worked out our own way of making our boards revolve on a bespoke stand. The main board rests on four medium duty ball bearings, running in a groove. It means you can actually lift the main board off the revolving stand when not in use. It makes it easier to clean and it also means you can use it as a regular chopping board when you are not entertaining...

When it comes to the second obstacle, the name; we simply call it The Revolving Board as this truly will be a board your family's life and stories will revolve around!

In fact this is Gift Spoiler Alert No. 4. Our own Family Christmas present this year is going to be one engraved with AARON, JEANETTE, ELEANOR, ZACH, JOSH & TOBY'S WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THIS TABLE... I just have to work out the circumference it needs to be to fit all of that engraving on!

We can make them in any size, depending on the size of your table and the size of your family.

Photostrip Revolving Board.jpg

Shot of the Day Paddle Board...

Another solution to a first world problem.
How to serve 10 drinks at the same time and still get one yourself...

We can personalise both sides.
'Shot of the Day' on one side and the estate name on the other?

Comes with 10 shot glasses.

Match Collection Cut out.jpg

The Match Boxes. We all need matches, whether you are lighting scented candles, the log fire or a great big bonfire. Very often when you need them, they are nowhere to be found!

Having a special match box too big to end up hidden in a random pocket and beautiful enough to be on permanent display on your mantelpiece is the solution!

We have already had some fun play on words. For the romantic there is of course 'The Perfect Match...' and 'You light my fire...', but for a sporty type 'Man of the Match' is proving a favourites. Then there are endless lyrics to quote for the more musical type. We could not believe that it took a customer to come up with 'I'm a Fire Starter...'

Click here to see the full range, or create something completely unique that we have yet to see!

Aged Oak. I can not believe it has taken 10 years before we decided to try this out. We have started to fumigate our oak, and it looks great! It is 'different', but we like it, and think it might suit some interior styles that would worry about introducing our regular 'new oak'.

We use the same super prime European oak, but fume it for 24-48 hours before we oil it. It darkens the oak permanently and almost all the way through the timber. The Arts & Crafts movement was particularly keen on this technique, but not many seem to have worked with it in big scale since...

We have decided to offer it across our whole range (apart from the large outside benches/sun-loungers). It adds a couple of days to the delivery time and £20 to the price.

We simply provoke a reaction with the tannin naturally present in the oak, and it looks as if the piece of timber has been around for a hundred years already... We will add more photographs of the aged oak as we progress with this, but if you would like to order one of our products in this finish, simply add 'aged oak' in the comment at check out or call us for more information.



'The way we roll...' tray.Maybe it is because we have spent a large amount of time 'on the road' travelling to the US this year, or because we simply LOVE most things 'bike' we have finally made the perfect little drinks tray for the cyclist.

The base of the tray looks like a wheel, and then we just engraved it with one of our favourite engravings. This might be a popular cyclist Christmas present, and a lot easier than trying to second guess any other cycling accessories...


The Swing Making Kit is the latest addition to our 'Create Yourself...' range.

We are passionate about sharing the joy we get from making things. In a world where everything is happening on a screen so many people never get the satisfaction of making something tangible and durable that they can share with others in the 'real world'.

We think it is the greatest give you can give anybody, and you never know what other projects it may inspire.

If you would like to give even more encouragement we can recommend one of our workshop experience days.


Just One S'more... S'mores Boards.

S'mores are an institution in the US, a creator of happy childhood memories. All the components of this sticky treat is now available in the UK too now, so we think it is only a matter of time before these catch on over here too.

These boards are the perfect present which will delight the whole family.

There are compartments for the Graham Crackers, Hershey Bars, marshmallows and even the skewers. We included a 'prep' area which tells you how to construct your perfect S'more. In the middle there is a space for a burner if you want to toast your marshmallow directly there. It is ideal to keep smaller fingers safe in case the bonfire is too big, or if you want to have your s'mores indoor. You don't need a ranch to enjoy these... they all come engraved with JUST ONE S'MORE... but you can add your own engraving to it too.

Pistachio Bowls. We seem to have developed a particular sense of humour here in the workshop. We are so pleased when we find the perfect engraving for the perfect product... Particularly when the product is something completely unique in itself.

Of course you need a 'double bowl' whenever you enjoy your pistachios. This started off as a special request from a customer in Devon, PA. After we had discussed the design a couple of her friends came by our stand at The Devon Horse Show to order one too. When we returned home, one of the Mini-Me's came up with the engraving 'You crack me up...' and the rest is history.



Because we make everything in our own workshop. Because our craftsmen are very skilled. And because we love making new things, we are always happy to work with you to design something completely bespoke.

Sometimes these bespoke commissions will be something that other people might be interested in too, like this Golf Ball display unit, which we think might become quite popular...

To be continued...
- The Oak & Rope Team