New Products - Newness

Every day we continue to design unique, beautiful yet practical pieces for your every day. We often share our design journey on our Instagram Feed, but when we have the finished article, this is where you will find them...

Our latest addition... Would you call it a ice-bucket, wine cooler, champagne bucket or compost bin? Can't wait to see where this design takes us.

The 'bucket' that isn't just for 'best'...

from £195

Because sometimes ‘Living the good life…’ means drinks in the sun with friends, other times it means making your own compost!

We are very excited about this new arrival. We always aim to design pieces that evolve with you through the different stages of life. They make the perfect wedding and house warming presents.

A wine cooler or champagne bucket for the party days and a compost bucket for the other days...

Chess Board

from £650

Possibly the most complicated new product of the season is our new tournament standard chess board.

We have taken months developing this hand made board with inlayed American walnut squares in solid European prime oak. Each piece is hand carved to represent all the chess pieces clearly, yet in a way that may not have been done exactly like this before. Our priority was to make them different yet show off the beauty of the wood.

House Plant Stand

from £40

Houseplants are not only useful for their decorative purposes, they are also known for their positive psychological effect and for improving the air quality indoors!

This makes them the perfect present for anybody. But when you gift a plant it is lovely for it to stand out a bit more, and with the engraving on this stand you can literally spell out the sentiment behind the gift.

Some people can also do with the extra encouragement to care for the plant...

Headphones Holder

from £90

We listen to podcasts, audio books and music all day long. The high quality noise cancelling headphones have been a blessing when we work with loud machines in the workshop. Keeping them safe is important, so we designed these.

We suggest keeping them by your bed, on your desk or even your gym. Engrave something meaningful.

We can even engrave the barcode from Spotify's playlists. How romantic is that? It is like a modern version of a mixtape. Are you old enough to remember those?

Medium Size Butler's Tray

from £295

This is more a re-launch rather than a brand new product for us. We have always made the very successful small and large versions of this useful tray, but for some reason only made the most practical size on special request!

When my Mother asked me to make this for a wedding present I decided it was time to include it as part of our classic range, and it has instantly become one of our most popular wedding gifts.

For a wedding we also offer the option to engrave the wedding invitation onto the base.

I really think these are a must-have for every home. Young couples or elderly parents will equally love these, which means that it is something that will be useful and treasured all your life!


from £20

Sometimes a little gesture is all it takes.

As we know it is the little moments that are the big ones, and a lot of our designs play tribute to that. Our benches, cup-trays, swings and little memory key rings remind us of this, and now we have added this little oak coaster as the smallest token to remind us of the important things.

Basket Ball Hoop

from £255

Sadly this beautiful indoor basket ball hoop is going to be with us only a short while. It looks like we can only source 6 of the hoop/nets, and the children are insisting that we keep one!

What would you engrave on yours?

Kitchen Roll Holder

from £50

I sincerely apologise that it has taken me 15 years to add this to our range...

I guess it is because I thought most children got to make one of these at school, and I didn't want to compete... But it seem that they are making other things these days, and every kitchen definitely needs a kitchen roll holder to look tidy.

Skipping Rope Gym

from £115

Whether you have a gym or not, these jump rope organisers are so cute. The skipping and fitness craze continues and everybody who gets into jump rope fitness knows that one skipping rope is not enough!

You need space to organise them into the relevant categories of cardio fitness rope, your double under rope and other jump trick special ropes.

The engraving is also rather motivational...

Baby Swing Seats

from £355

For many years our customers have asked if we could make a swing for babies. We chose not to for two reasons:

- We normally think of our swings as something you don't grow out of, and these ones you clearly will.

- We were worried about the red tape needed to get CE certification for a baby product.

Well we got the CE certificate organised, and then decided to look at it slightly differently. Our baby oak seat is an heirloom that can be used by many generations, and you can even send it back to us to engrave the names of those who have grown up using it.

Baby Birth Date Weight Etc. Plaque

from £95

We suddenly found ourselves at that stage where many of the people we have know as young adults suddenly have grown up and are having their own children. Like the person who joined our workshop as an apprentice not that long ago, has become responsible for a new citizen, or children of friends suddenly starting their own families...

So we designed these baby plaques as the perfect new baby present that we know will be treasured forever. It is a nod to a gift I was given as a baby and still have fond memories of...

To be continued...
- The Oak & Rope Team