Baby Plaque Shield

Engraving suggestions:
  • [baby name]
  • [date of arrival]
  • [time of arrival]
  • [weight at arrival]
I remember my Mother having three pewter plates on the wall, with my brother, sister and my names on and other vital statistics from when we were born.

We loved asking our Mum questions about these. Who was the heaviest, what day was I born, what time was it etc etc. Before too long we did of course know the answers to all of these questions, but we also worked out that she would tell us the stories of when we were born. Personally I still love the story of my parents driving up and down this bumpy country lane trying to speed up my arrival, their first born. It always made me feel very special. Seeing those plaques on the wall will always bring back those stories.

Fast forward a few years, and I am giving baby gifts to new citizens of the world and I want to give something that is of significance now, but can give significant joy for many years to come.

These baby plaques are the latest addition to our collection which celebrates the milestones of life from birth and beyond…

Measures 27.5 cm in diameter
2.5 cm thick

Comes with a hidden wall hanging bracket on the back.

PRICES FROM - £ 95.00