Gift Guide for The Other Half...

Whether it is for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, the present you buy for your husband, wife or other partner falls into a special category.

Extra particular care has to be made, as chances are whatever you buy or make will live in your house and be used, worn or otherwise enjoyed by someone you spend a lot of time with. They are also the person in this world that affects your own happiness the most...

You decide how romantic or practical you want to be. We always aim to be both...

We have 5 different strategies you might want to adopt when deciding on this important present.

1# Be supportive

We all have our pet-hates, be it technology at the table, wellies and shoes all over the floor or a carving board that is too small... Validate your other half concerns with a specially designed object that deals with something they really care about.

2# Spoil them

Celebrate or even create your own unique routine. Our range of trays are perfect for those morning coffees, teas served at the desk when someone is working from home or even for the evening drinks ritual.

3# Make room for 'You Time'

Few things are more important than making time for spending time together. We are not talking about romantic holidays, we think it is more important to create 'You Time' in your every day. We find having a swing or a bench in the garden as your special place a great reminder to sometimes just sit together...

4# Celebrate your family or tribe

There is something very comforting about seeing all our names carved together in oak. Young children delight unrecognising their names long before they can actually read. When choosing the names of our children we consider how they 'go with' the other names in the family, so why not celebrate your family with a special family piece.

This proved even more important when my husband and I moved together with our four teenage children. We have a 'base-camp' peg rail in our boot room, a lazy susan board which 'our world revolves around' at our table and in the garden we have a swing bench inscribed with the message: "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all..."

5# Encourage their dreams & adventures

Family mottos or motivational phrases can be very useful when placed in an understated way around the house. The phrases carved in oak becomes family truths passed on to the next generation.

Our notice boards, shelves, pizza boards and height charts are the perfect vehicle for getting your message across.

Use in-jokes, pet names or made up words that will raise a daily smile and make your piece truly 'specious'* for your loved one!

An Oak & Rope carved present has the unique ability to be personal despite being 'something for the house'
- Jeanette

*the meaning of 'specious' is a combination of 'special' and 'precious' in our family... not the oxford dictionary meaning