Revolving Board

Revolving Board

You know how it is... You have prepared all the food and gathered the loved ones and finally you are sitting down by the table, only to find that its difficult for everybody to reach all the treats.

Ideally you would like the conversation to revolve around (hee hee, get it?) something more enjoyable than 'please can you pass the humous!'

So we have finally made this revolving board, despite it's questionable historical name 'Lazy Susan'. We have been thinking about it for a while, but did not like the mechanisms available on the ones we have seen around, so finally we worked out our own way of making our boards revolve around on a bespoke stand. The main board rests on four medium duty ball bearings, running in a groove. It means you can actually lift the main board off the revolving stand when not in use. It makes it easier to clean and it also means you can use it as a regular chopping board when you are not entertaining...

We love designing something unique and practical that literally is a centrepiece for gatherings, but also a trusted companion for your every day...

Our standard size is 38 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm thick, but we can make them in any size up to 68 cm in diameter.

Engraving is included on this board.


Prices from - £ 235.00

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