10.6.2023 | Jeanette Aurdal

Remember Leaving Presents?

Well, that's the idea!
Leaving presents generally have two jobs; to say thank-you, and to reminds us of the journey we have shared with colleagues, school friends or any other group of like minded people...

This is a little video of a unique set of Leavers Trays we made. These were made for a school in Richmond, Virginia. Each piece was auctioned away and raised a lot of money for charity.

But we make a lot of one-offs too:

At The Oak & Rope Company, we make it our mission to create a legacy for those who are leaving, honouring their memories but helping them move forward with a smile. We offer a range of gifts that individuals or groups can commission especially for the occasion.

Our unique, beautiful yet practical designs are not trinkets, but useful items that will be used every day. This allows the recipient to be reminded of their leaving present even in everyday life.

The combination of the longevity of the oak and carving of names makes The Oak & Rope designs perfect leaving presents.

Our most popular product is the leaving bench, hand-crafted and hand-engraved with hundreds of school leavers names, including logos and crests. This strong and sturdy teak bench conveys a message of well wishing, resilience, and togetherness between generations. We also have doorstops, mileposts, swings, trays or platters, perfect mementos for any budget and every occasion.

In our experience people get as excited about 'the giving' as they do about 'the receiving' of a Leaving Present. The present becomes part of the 'moving on' process and a focal point of the event!

Not only is our range of leaving presents ideal for school leavers embarking on new adventures, but they also make touching retirement gifts.

As a chapter of one's life draws to a close, our unique and thoughtful presents offer a lasting tribute and a reminder of the fond memories shared with colleagues and mentors.

The perfect opportunity to celebrate these milestones and signify the beginning of a new phase in life.

Our Leaving Presents can include everybody's names, signatures or even logos and crests.

Organising a group present can always be complicated, but our experienced team will take the stress out of the process by producing pre-views of your design and organising delivery to suit your event and presentation.

Our leaving benches often includes every child's name on the slats of the bench, ensuring that everybody feels it is 'their' bench. For a smaller item we can include signatures or names somewhere on the item. This makes everybody feel included and it also acts as a reminder of who was involved, when our powers of recollection may later fail us.

Oak & Rope Leaving Presents certainly won't be forgotten!

See our most popular gift solutions below or talk to us about any other ideas.

Leaver's Benches

from £1,250

We can fit a large number of names on our solid benches. They make a very impactful Leaver's Present which will make centre stage at the celebrations as well making a long lasting legacy.

Leaver's Drinks Tray

from £285

Create a unique tray with everybody's signatures.

Crests, logos, dates and mottos can also be included.

Cricket Wicket Loo Roll holder

from £285

The perfect present for the cricket fanatic or a sports master...