Leavers Drinks Tray

Leavers Drinks Tray

These trays are perfect for serving drinks on or simply have on display.

Ideal for leaving presents.

The base of the tray can be engraved with everybodys signatures and the school and year can be engraved around the edge as a perfect momento of the occasion.

Send a scanned copy of the signatures and we will arrange them in the space available.

Please get everybody to sign their name with a black sharpie type pen on a white piece of paper. Then scan and email us these papers or send them to us in the post. We will arrange the signatures, so it does not matter if the signatures are on different pieces of paper.

When we have set out all the signatures or drawings we generate an image of it for you to approve. Please note that this process can add to our normal delivery times if there are delays in receiving your sign off.

These are truly unique so we work together with you to ensure they look exactly as you envisage.

They are known to 'steal the show' at many occasions...

Prices from - £ 275.00

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