3.5.2023 | Jeanette Aurdal

Making the Most of Outdoor Living with us

As soon as the sun comes out we all head to the garden or terrace. Our energy levels go through the roof, we wake up early and look for any excuse to stay outside as long as possible.

Living outdoor without compromise.

Heighten your experience with the luxurious creations of The Oak & Rope Company. From hand-made carving boards to parkland benches and swings, cup trays, wine coolers, pizza boards, and butler trays, there are plenty of unique items to help you make the most of your outdoor living.

Go for the Picnic!

A morning ritual

This time of year we take our coffees outside on our cup tray. We go to the most perfect spot in the garden. Depending on the direction of the wind and when we wake up. Sometime this is at our parkland bench and other times at our swing.

Sitting and tasting that first sip of coffee in the morning surrounded by the sounds of nature is a truly happy moment, which makes us pause and plan the day ahead...

Have you noticed how everything tastes better outside?

There are some very good reasons why your coffee, food and even wine taste better when enjoyed outdoors:

  • Fresh air: Being surrounded by fresh air can stimulate your senses, promote relaxation and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for eating.
  • Natural setting: Dining outdoors allows you to immerse yourself in nature, whether it's a sunny day at the park, a picturesque picnic by the river, or an evening barbecue in your backyard. It stimulates your senses. Whenever you have the chance - Go for a picnic or create a special spot under a tree!
  • Social connection: Preparing to eat outside is often a team effort in our house, making everybody more involved in the meal...
  • Novelty factor: The novelty of eating in a different setting can boost your enjoyment of food. Conversations flow differently when you are sat outside.
  • Appetite: Outdoor activities such as sports, gardening, or a simple walk can increase your appetite, making food taste better because you're genuinely hungry.
  • Grilled and smoked flavors bring out a delicious taste in whatever is on your menu which is never replicated in a conventional oven.
Eating outdoors can also be unpredictable. This can add to the romantic sense of adventure when eating outdoors.

With this in mind, let's get you alfresco ready:


We have a range of trays from £75 perfect for bringing treats, tableware and anything else to the right place. Commission your tray with one of our suggested engravings or creating your own!

Our Butler's Trays even come with useful stands which turns them into a useful bar, table or simply a serving surface whether you are in your garden, in the woods or at the beach!


There is no need to be uncomfortable. We have a couple of Parkland Benches strategically placed around the garden, so they are ready when the sun comes out. We want to be ready even for the shortest spell of Summer.

Our Classic Benches are also ideal to bring outside for extra seating when entertaining outside. The medium and large sizes are exactly the right height for sitting by a table.

Then of course you might want to consider a Sun Lounger under a tree where you can enjoy a solitary moment with a book or simply sit there to admire your gardening work.


Some of our oak boards are particularly suitable when entertaining outside. The Carving board is a must for the BBQ and if you have a Pizza oven, you really need a Pizza board to match! Our Charcuterie Sharing Boards were simply made to be a centrepiece of long lazy grazing afternoons in your garden or out on your picnic.

Wine Coolers

Don't let luke warm wine put a dampener on your gathering. Not only are our Wine Coolers a talking point with a suitable engraving, they can keep up to 3 bottles cold at the time, making sure you don't have to keep going back and forth to keep everybody topped up!

Cake stands

When entertaining outdoor you really want to put everything on the table. If you have made a beautiful cake or other pudding, let people admire it from the minute they arrive. It also gives your guest the chance to pace themselves when eating, so they can leave enough room for cake!

A beautiful cake on a cake stand literally and methaphorically elevates your tablescape, giving your gathering that wow-factor! This leads us on to

Finishing Touches

The ultimate summer treat is when you can sit outside into the late evening. Keeping candles and candle/flower runners at hand really adds to the magic!

With all our designs you add your own personality, sense of humour and wisdom in the form of your own engravings. Family mottos are celebrated and new traditions are made.

Oak is perfect to use outside, as it is not fragile and looks even better when it develops its own patina as you use it every day. With our premium oak and master craftsmanship these truly turn into unique family heirlooms!

Our Evening Drinks

Our Oak & Rope designs truly impacts how we live our life. From the morning coffee till the evening drink.

Join Us

Don't wait and start making the most of your outdoor living. Let us help you create long-lasting beautiful outdoor experiences for your family and friends.