Parkland Bench

from £ 1250.00

This solid teak parkland bench can be personalised with any engraving you choose. Hand crafted in our Kent workshop from solid teak, our benches are built to be a lasting memento to someone or someplace special.

Our benches are ideal for your special place, whether it be your back garden or in a larger area, such as a park or estate. Whether used for a memorial bench or just a comfy outdoor seat, our teak benches are built to last.

We’ll hand engrave t...

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2 seater (1.5m)
+ £0
3 seater (1.8)
+ £175
30 letters engraved
+ £0
60 letters engraved
+ £90
90 letters engraved
+ £120
120 letters engraved
+ £210
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