20.1.2024 | Jeanette Aurdal

Be more Snowdrop!

Embracing the Snowdrop Spirit. As January tiptoes into February, Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, offers us a brave little herald of hope: The snowdrop.

These delicate blooms, with their ivory petals and verdant stems, dare to be the first to greet the cold, often snowy world. As a symbol of new beginnings, they remind me that there is an unspoken courage in leading the way and bringing joy to those who witness their early arrival – a trait we at The Oak & Rope Company admire and embody in our creations.

Imagine starting every day with the optimism of a snowdrop. They are a testament to resilience and the promise of the forthcoming spring – a philosophy we infuse into every personalised oak gift we craft by hand.

At The Oak & Rope Company, this symbol of new beginnings fuels our creativity, infusing every bespoke creation with optimism and the potential for creating lifelong memories. Our craftsmanship is dedicated to embodying the spirit of resilience and the anticipation of what's to come.

Embrace the Season of Fresh Starts

As the year unfolds, why not let your surroundings reflect the beauty of beginning anew? Personalize your space with items that hold meaning, and let them be daily affirmations of the joy found in new journeys.

Signature Pieces for Life's New Chapters

A tangible mark of life's beautiful transitions and the excitement of starting afresh

A Table Centrepiece

from £180

Originally designed for candles, this multi-purpose design is reborn as a centrepiece of natural beauty. Plant the glass vessels out with bulbs. As the bulbs take root and flourish, they transform your space with a flourish of greenery or a burst of floral colour, merging the crafted beauty of oak with the beauty of nature's own creations.

Engrave it with our favourite: BLOOMING MARVELLOUS, BLOOM WITH GRACE or simply OUR HAPPY PLACE... (or the co-ordinates of said place).

A Welcome Home

from £225

Engraving a personal mantra or a motivational quote on this Peg Rack transforms it into a daily checkpoint for reflection and inspiration. It's a reminder of the journey you're on and the potential that every new day holds.

Not just a home for your hats and coats, but a bastion of inspiration for every soul that crosses your threshold. Engrave it with: HOME: WHERE OUR STORY BEGINS..., HOOKED..., LEAVE YOUR HANG-UPS HERE or click below for more inspiration.

Perfect Presents for New Arrivals

from £455

Capture each precious milestone with our charming Height Chart – a beautiful, living record of your child's journey skywards. Not only is it a fun piece that gets the little ones excited about how tall they're getting, but it also weaves a story of growth and all the promise that the future holds.

Our Height Chart is more than just a ruler on the wall; it’s a chronicle of childhood, lovingly crafted to stand as a lasting symbol of the passage of time. With room for personalisation, it’s an opportunity to sprinkle inspiring messages that they’ll look up to, quite literally, as they grow.

Our products are not merely meant to adorn your space but to become a part of the fabric of your life's story – each carving, a silent motivator to hold onto the excitement of what lies ahead. Just like the snowdrop bravely faces the remnants of winter, let the bespoke elegance of our oak gifts remind you that spring, with all its promise and possibility, is but a moment away.

Family Recharge Station

from £95

Device Parking Station – Restore family time and encourage heartfelt conversations. With the engraving "Unplug to connect," or the invitation "Leave tech, embrace togetherness," you create a dedicated space that honours authentic interactions over digital distractions.

Compost Caddy (for the worktop)

from £200

Our caddy doesn't simply store your compostable kitchen waste; it transforms the remnants of today's meals into the promise of tomorrow's harvest.

With each peel, core, and coffee ground tenderly placed within the caddy, you are participating in the cycle of life, giving back to the earth and nurturing the soil that will yield the flora of the future. This engraved vessel is not just a utilitarian item; it's a daily reminder of the role we each play in the continuity of nature's bounty.

The Compost Caddy is both a functional gift for eco-conscious friends and a stylish statement piece that speaks to the very heart of what new beginnings are all about – turning endings into fresh starts, one compostable piece at a time.

Embark on life's diverse paths with The Oak & Rope Company's creations. Whether swinging toward lofty dreams, growing steadily towards the sun, or offering a seat from which to ponder life's mysteries, these pieces are crafted to support you in every new chapter that awaits. Here's to the pathways yet to be travelled, the heights yet to be reached, and the quiet joys of beginning again, with every fresh morning’s light.

Parkland Bench

from £1,250

Whether providing restful respite in a secret garden corner or serving as a centrepiece in a vibrant outdoor space, this bench is designed to be a place where conversations start, ideas flourish, and dreams take flight. The Parkland Bench is a beautiful metaphor for life's journey – it's there to support you while you gather the strength to rise and venture forth once again.

As we wrap up our little journey through the landscape of new beginnings, let’s not forget the unwavering courage of the snowdrop, our floral muse and fellow pioneer. Like the delicate bloom that dares to disturb the snow, The Oak & Rope Company invites you to disrupt the norm with beautifully crafted pieces for your home. Whether it's charting growth on a bespoke Height Chart or resting on a bench that whispers, 'Go on, take that leap!', our creations are here to serve as your daily nudge—a playful prod to reach for your wellies, jump in a few puddles, and chase those dreams. Because after all, isn’t life about celebrating each sprout, each step, and each splendidly unique moment? Now, off you go – stepping, swinging, and blooming into your own extraordinary adventure!

If I was a flower, I would definitely be a Snowdrop...
- Jeanette

I've always had a natural inclination for fresh starts, for embracing the new and the novel, both in my personal life and in my work at The Oak & Rope Company.

Introducing new traditions, trying out novel ideas, and never shying away from being the first to take a leap – this is where I thrive. If I were a flower, without a doubt, I'd be a snowdrop: boldly peeping through the winter's frost, signalling that spring and its newness is just around the corner.

This affinity for beginnings is woven through our products and the special moments they're part of – each one a new chapter waiting to unfold.