If only I had a tree...

Almost everybody we meet wish they had a place to hang a swing. When they see our garden swings they exclaim "If only I had a tree..."

This drawing  by the artist Andrew Scott illustrates the point entirely
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.
- Old Chinese Proverb

As you may have worked out by now, we are not easily defeated, so we set about solving this conundrum.

Even if your garden does have trees, they may not be in the exact location where you would like your swing to be. Particularly in city gardens where space is at more of a premium you may want to be able to decide exactly where your swing is placed.

With the help of a landscape architect we worked out how to make a permanent installation which can endure our climate and years and years of play.

This is exactly the feeling we were trying to create...

Landscape Architect Drawing

We calculated that if you dig two holes approximately 600 mm wide and 700 mm deep and fill them with concrete underground, this elegant structure allows you to install two of our medium size swings (as shown on the video above) or one of our larger swings.

When the concrete has set, you can backfill the holes with soil and re-sow with grass seeds.

How it looks...

If you would like us to make a swing frame for a single swing or any other size, please call us to discuss.

We love making these in our workshop, knowing that we are enabling people who otherwise may not have been able to commission one of our swings...

What is your favourite way of riding a swing?

This is from the award winning musical Matilda... Did you even know there were this many ways of riding a swing? With the swing frame you could definitely attempt some synchronised swinging...

Click here to buy your own set, or read more about how you can teach your children how to push themselves on a swing.