How we designed our Chess Board?

Designing the perfect chess board was a challenge set by my brother, but there were many reason why this has been such an excellent move!

Think before you move...
- advice about playing chess and life in general
Beauty in every piece...

Why we had to make a chess board part of our collection

  1. A chess board is a beautiful addition to any home. It is not just for decoration, but it often acts as a conversation starter or a focal point for social gatherings. Having a beautiful chess board out on display at all times will no doubt encourage you to play more often.
  2. Playing chess with your children (at any level) is often a good opportunity to talk about things you otherwise don't take the time to discuss. Playing any wooden board games also aligns perfectly to our intentions to encourage everybody to spend less time on their technology!
  3. There are so many amazing motivational and reflective quotes about chess. As you know by now we LOVE QUOTATIONS, and our chess boards are a way of expressing our way of thinking about playing nicely, learning to play the game and understanding that there are consequences of your actions... You can be both cheeky and philosophical.
  4. Through the making of the boards and the pieces we get to show off our craftsmanship. We use a combination of modern technology and traditional skills to bring out the beauty in both European oak and American walnut wood with inlays, engravings and hand crafted pieces.
  5. I needed a 40th birthday present for my impossible-to-buy-for little brother...
"Chess is a battle against yourself. Your opponent is just the excuse."
- Garry Kasparo

The things we learnt about the game when designing the perfect chess board

There is more to designing a chess set than you think. There is nothing random about the dimensions and proportions of a chess board. There are two international standards to comply with for a competition regulation board. There is the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and United States Chess Federation (USCF) setting slightly different tournament standards. Our chess board complies with both...

Health benefits to playing chess

It is also widely recognised that playing chess has numerous health benefits, including improved brain function, reduced stress levels, increased problem-solving skills, and enhanced memory and concentration.

Studies have shown that playing chess can also stimulate the growth of new brain cells and improve cognitive abilities, including decision-making, critical thinking, and pattern recognition. In addition, the social and strategic aspects of the game can help to boost mood and promote mental well-being.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, chess offers numerous benefits for your physical and mental health, making it a great way to stay active and sharp.

Learn to Play the Game...

Chess can be enjoyed at any level. The rules of play are simple to learn, but knowing the rules and basic strategies is only the beginning - there is so much to learn in chess that you can never learn it all in a lifetime! It is never too late to start, and there are many resources online, like, which teaches you how to improve.

It is a game that shows the intricacy of planning, the value of contingencies, the balance between action and decision, and the power of sacrifice. It is mind boggling how the simple mechanics of the way each piece moves can lead to the underlying complex strategies displayed by grandmasters like my fellow Norwegian, Magnus Carlson displays...

For all of these reasons buying a chess board for yourself or for a special birthday present for any age, makes perfect sense...
- Jeanette

Commission your Chess Board

from £650

Th Oak & Rope Chess board is a beautiful centre piece and a conversation starter.

Whilst looking stunning on your table it will encourage you to play. Playing chess regularly teaches young minds discipline, concentration and balance and keeps older minds active and sharp!