Elevation by Cake Stand...

Cake stands are one of the most versatile and beautiful centerpieces that can be used to decorate both special occasions and everyday life. They add a luxurious touch to any event and make for beautiful displays for serving cakes, cookies, and other treats. Cake stands can also be used to spice up your everyday breakfast or afternoon tea.

The real reason for making a cake stand in the first place may have been to compensate for my cake-making-skills...
- Jeanette

The main reasons to treat yourself to one of these gorgeous cake stands:

  1. Steal the show with your cakes at home or away
  2. Make all your treats and cakes look stunning regardless of baking skills
  3. Keep cakes fresh AND on display at the same time

Now let me explain a bit more...

Elevate Your Everyday Eating

Cake stands can be used to bring a little extra life to everyday. Whether it be breakfast or a light snack, having something sweet on a beautiful cake stand will literally elevate any everyday snack. Leave some fruit at centre stage of your kitchen island to encourage the family to help themselves. I put the treats that need to be eaten soon where they will see them first. It works wonders for making sure we waste as little food as possible!

If you opt for the optional glass dome it also keeps treats fresh for longer without hiding them away in a tin.

Cake Stands for Special Events

While cake stands are great for everyday use, they also have a place in special events. A cake stand can be the perfect way to show off a beautifully decorated cake or dessert. When it comes to special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays, a cake stand is the perfect way to present the main attraction of the event.

In Norway, where I am from, some gatherings have as many cakes as they have guests. Typically people have a cake that is their speciality and for any christening, birthday or confirmation they will be asked to bring 'their' cake. Although never openly discussed there is definitely a competitive element to this. You want 'your' cake to look the best, and ideally be the one which is eaten first. When I designed our first cake stand this was definitely something I had in mind. My cake board making skills typically exceeds my cake making skills...

Click here to see how it went when I tried to bake a Norwegian Wreath Cake (Kransekake) for a friends birthday. I have also included the recipe.

Even in a non-competitive setting our cake stands serve a specific purpose.

Tablescaping with Cake Stands

When arranging a tablescape, having an array of varying heights gives a stunning effect. It adds dimension to the table.

Have you every laid a table, stood back and felt that something is missing? That it doesn't quite have that wow-factor? Maybe it looks a bit flat? Chances are you need to add things at different levels and heights.

Even if cake is not on the menu (although we believe it always should be) a beautiful cake on a tall stand can be used instead of a large flower arrangement, making more room for smaller things in between.

Wedding Cake Traditions

The one setting we are sure to find a stunning cake taking centre stage is at a wedding of course. It is a tradition that spans most cultures.

Wedding cakes are said to have their roots in Ancient Rome, when marriage ceremonies ended with a scone-like wheat or barley cake broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility. The new husband and wife would eat a few crumbs together as one of their first unified acts as a married couple. Once the newlyweds had their share, wedding guests would scoop up the leftover crumbs for good luck.

Legend said if they smooched successfully without letting the whole thing topple over, they’d have good fortune.

Another more recent tradition developing is that the mother of the bride or another close family member or friend makes the wedding cake. We often speak with people who need a particular size wedding cake board to suit a specific size. This can be a somewhat stressful element of planning a wedding, with test cakes and design options being discussed months ahead of the big day. Gena, in the Oak & Rope team is doing just that for her daughter's wedding later this year. She has promised to journal the journey and share it with us after the big day.

At least she knows she has a stunning stand to put her creation on...

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