Egg & Soldier Boards

The youngest member of our team designed these at the age of 5...

" My little soldier designed these when he was 5. He negotiated a commission so every time we sell one it tops up his pocket money..." Jeanette (Mum)

What are Egg & Soldiers?

For those not born within the British Empire, Egg & Soldiers is a very British meal consisting of soft boiled eggs and pieces of toast cut into strips which easily can be dipped into the egg. It is often served to young children as their evening meal, but many adults enjoy it too, as it is regarded as one of the essential comfort foods.

It is also mostly necessary to have two eggs for this meal, because they are so delicious!

According to the BBC Good Food website, depending on the child, you could teach your loved ones to boil an egg safely between the age of 8-11 years old.

I am happy to report that the designer of these boards was capable of both helping make the Egg & Soldier boards, and to make the meal for himself at a very early age!

" When I was 5 years old and my mother gave me two eggs in egg cups and toast separately on a wooden board. I asked if she please could make some holes in the board, so they could be served as one. We went to the workshop and drilled the holes. Luckily I was old enough to negotiate a commission and cute enough for my mother to agree...” Toby (14)

As you can imagine it made us furious at first when other people started copying his design, but you can read more about how we have learnt to deal with that here...

Engraved Egg & Soldier Boards

from £45

These are a perfect little present for Christenings, Birthdays or Easter.