Lighting - Rope Lights - Made to Measure

Lighting - Rope Lights - Made to Measure

We love the texture and look of our beautiful manila rope. It is made in the UK and adds a gorgeous feel particularly to an area with high ceilings.

You can install a single length or join several together. Have them hanging straight down, tie them into interesting knots or have them coil around beams.

Here are a few examples..

Choose the nearest length when ordering but you can specify more exact measurements if necessary. Contact us about longer ones too.

We will deliver the rope light ready to be wired in. They come with the bulb holder at one end, a flex hidden within the rope all the way, and a hook at the top which can be added to a standard light fitting. We do recommend you ask an electrician to do the final installation.

Prices from - £ 195.00

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