Dog Walking Feeding Lead Beacon

In most dog homes at some stage during the day one of the humans will ask the question ‘Did you feed the dog?’ or ‘Did the dog have a walk today?’ Sometimes we can’t even quite remember ourselves - was that today or yesterday? We thought it would be good to design something that keeps track of that.

We were not quite sure what to call it, as it really is a Dog Walking Feeding Thingy-me-jiggy… It’s not in the dictionary (yet), so we have called it a Dog Beacon (for short).

Like with any new system it will only work if it makes life easier and becomes an integral part of the things we normally do. Hang this by your door. Not only will you be able to call your dogs bluff when he is trying to tell you he hasn't been fed yet, but it also means the humans can concentrate on other issues that need discussing.

Measurements : 37 x 13 x 3.5cm

PRICES FROM - £ 95.00

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