Jars - Breakfast

Engraving suggestions:
These great looking storage jars are a fabulous way of displaying items.
The airtight lids make them great for storing kitchen ingredients.
The extremely tough tempered glass makes them beautiful yet functional.
These jars can be stacked together for easy keeping and the lids are all interchangeable so you can use different jars for different things at different times!
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Jar Sizes:
Small jar 14cm x 11cm x 11cm (0.95 litre)
Medium jar 20cm x 11cm x 11cm (1.42 litre)
Large jar 25cm x 11cm x 11xm (1.89 litre)

We recommend a maximum of 9 letters over 2 lines of engraving, but 3 lines can work too. It really is rather flexible as long as you understand that the more writing you would like, the smaller each letter has to be...

PRICES FROM - £ 50.00