Bike Rack

Bike Rack

The perfect present for the cyclist in your life...

It is impossible to buy the right kit for the keen cyclist. Every little nut, bolt and widget has to be just so for the bike itself...

They will however love this bike rack that will give their pride and joy centre stage, be it in the hallway, shed or bedroom(!).

There is room for quite a bit of engraving on these, so you can have a lot of fun personalising your wall hook.

It could be: 'COME RIDE WITH ME', 'STEVE'S WHEELS', 'LYCRA ALERT!', 'HANG THE BIKE... MOW THE LAWN!', the personalisation is up to you, with a maximum of 30 characters.
made from:

Solid oak with twine whipping details on the rack.

54 x 26 x 29cm.

It sticks out 29cm from the wall, allowing room for a bike with a 56cm wide steering wheel.

Prices from - £ 290.00