Horizontal Sign

This sign is extremely versatile. Originally designed to fit on the top rail of a gate, but looks just as beautiful freestanding on two posts or mounted on a wall.
The length depends on amount of engraving required. The depth of the sign will be 80mm. The thickness of the sign is 3.5 cm

The sign comes with brackets on the back for an invisible fastening to a gate or wall. We can also angle the back of the sign if you are planning to fix it on feather board or we can supply two posts with your sign.

After you have placed your order you will receive a proof/mock-up of how your finished sign will look. You can make changes if needed. We do not carve the sign before your approval.

Up to 20 engraved letters in solid oak. We treat all signs with three coats of teak oil unless otherwise specified.

We can also paint the inside of each letter. We recommend this if the sign needs to be readable from a long distance away. However, over time the lettering of an unpainted sign will go darker with age, and it has the advantage of being totally maintenance free. We normally use a slightly off-black paint, but other colours can be specified.

We expect all our signs to go that beautiful silvery colour over time. If you want to slow down this weathering process we recommend applying another coat of teak oil after about 3 months, and then every 6 months after that.

PRICES FROM - £ 245.00