Candle Sticks

I started designing these when things were looking a bit brighter, and before it looked like we were heading into the nth wave of the pandemic, but I have decided that we need these more than ever…

DET GÅR MOT LYSERE TIDER... literally means it is going towards lighter times, except in Norwegian the word for ‘light’ and ‘candle’ is exactly the same, giving it that double meaning we love at Oak & Rope.

Although this is not quite what is happening in the world at the moment, on Tuesday 21st of December at 15:58 ‘the sun will turn’ at winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and we WILL go towards brighter times.

In Norwegian this is also something you say to people who are feeling low when you are trying to cheer them up. If it is before the actual winter solstice then you just add in the word ‘soon’, which is simply an optimistic statement expressing HOPE.

So here it is, our new candle sticks. Possibly quite a gift spoiler alert for some of my friends and family this Christmas, but the message is worth sharing.

You can either buy a set of 3 without engraving but with the O&R coin or the single large size with these words of wisdom engraved.
Another valuable feature with these candle sticks is that they fit both tea candles and the taller traditional candles.

PRICES FROM - £ 35.00

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- Single large candlestick "DET GÅR MOT LYSERE TIDER..."
+ £ 0
- Single large candlestick - own engraving
+ £ 5
- Set of 3 candle sticks (no engraving)
+ £ 10