Boarders Trunk

Sometimes you make something so beautiful that no amount of photographs can do it justice. When it leaves the workshop you are just so proud that it has your name on it!

This was the case with this boarder’s trunk made for a lucky girl called India. Some real skills went into making this masterpiece, some of which are not visible, but we know they are there, and we enjoyed expanding our experience making it. This solid oak chest should be around for a few generations we expect, and hopefully it will get to hold many treasures and even keep a few secrets...

We have decided we can make up to 5 of these each year, always made in time for school start in September. Send us an email to express your interest or place your order here if you would like us to make one for you.

Dimensions: 600 x 490 x 400
1 x Tray insert included

PRICES FROM - £ 1250.00