Board Refurbishment

As you know our boards are made to be used… every day!
They look better with every cut you make and the patina developing will be completely unique to your board.

If you have had a bit of an woopsy though, say a too hot pan has been put straight on the board, some smelly cheese has been left on it too long or you have chopped some beetroot on it, you might not like the look of it. We can fix that!

We can organise for our courier to collect the board, refurbish it and send it back out to you. We don’t charge for this service, you simply pay for the cost of shipping and packaging. (Please note that you are responsible for packing the board up so it does not get damaged in transit.)

It is all part of the plan for these heirlooms of the future…

*available for all board sizes

PRICES FROM - £ 35.00