Create Yourself: Chopping Board Kit

Get or give the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and useful from a raw piece of oak without a workshop!

There is a creative urge in all of us. This is a great place to start exploring it. You never know what other projects and skills it leads to...

With this kit contains everything you need to make your own little practical chopping board which you can use every day.

Whether you are a frustrated diy'er, a desk bound creative, a child who needs some 'off-screen' sense of achievement, making something with your hands is very therapeutic.

"I love seeing how proud people feel when they have transformed a plank into something useful and beautiful that you know is going to be around for a long time..." Jeanette

Each kit costs £40, but if you can buy 3 for £100.

You can give these to several members of the same family as each board will look different, both by the unique grain in the wood and the personal touch of the maker...

These kits really are suitable for EVERYBODY on your gift list!

PRICES FROM - £ 40.00

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