Boot Jack Gift Set

In the Oak & Rope workshop we strive towards zero waste. Off-cuts from one job can be used to make new products, and we even collect all the sawdust and compress these into firewood, which is sold to generate income for a local charity… In the making of one of our best sellers, the boot pull, we produce some interestingly shaped off cuts which we thought we could give a further life in their current form… These make a great gift set with a story. When we were looking for a sustainable gift bag to put them in we came across @allcottonandlinen, a great company who shares our outlook. Among other things they sell and promote the use of these all-organic-cotton-mesh produce bags which you can take with you when you go shopping or for storing your food in. It is another way of reducing the amount of plastic we use. In the way it didn’t take long for us all to learn to take our own shopping bags to the shops, I think we will quickly get used to bringing our own produce bags too!

The gift sets are available on our website at the same price as our boot pulls… but you get a large produce bag, two door wedges, an ice/crumb scraper and a decoration too! The perfect present for anybody who wears shoes or boots but cares about the footprint they leave on the planet…

PRICES FROM - £ 100.00