Quiz - Do you identify as an Independent Shopper?

Saturday 24th June is Shop Independent Day.

We are part of a national initiative championed by Holly Tucker MBE and Holly & Co, where we are encouraging you to vote with your money for the kind of world you want to live in.

A reminder that every purchase is a vote for the world you want...

Micro businesses are essential to the UK economy — generating £1.6 Trillion and employing 16 Million people. These are powerful numbers, but mainly we simply want to live in a colourful world where we have choices.

We realise that this may not be important for everybody, so we developed a little quiz for you to find out if you identify as an Independent Shopper... There may even be a little treat at the end!

Are You an Independent Shopper? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

When you think about shopping for your home, where do you typically start?

a) The local independent shop in town.

b) A large retail chain or department store.

c) Online retailers.

d) I look for unique artisan shops or local markets.

If a friend recommends a product they found in a small, independent shop, how do you react?

a) I wrap up my current activities and head straight to the shop.

b) I wait for it to show up in a big store, if it's really that great.

c) I search for it online, hoping for the convenience of a delivery.

d) I add it to my list of must-visit places on my next shopping trip.

You're searching for a unique birthday present for a loved one. You:

a) Choose a personalized, hand-crafted wooden creation from The Oak & Rope Company.

b) Opt for a mass-produced, famous brand gift.

c) Buy the first thing you see in the most popular online store.

d) Hunt for a one-of-a-kind piece at an art fair or local market.

You're running late to a party, and you still need to find a gift! Where do you turn?

a) Dash to a local independent shop for a quirky treasure

b) Grab something off the shelf at the nearest department store.

c) Hop online and hope for speedy delivery.

d) Make a quick personal gift with whatever materials you have at hand.

When it comes to home decor and furniture, how important is personalization and customization to you?

a) Very important: I love creating unique pieces that reflect my personality.

b) Somewhat important: I prefer items that a few people might have.

c) Not important at all: I just want something that gets the job done.

d) Situation-dependent: I balance between personalized pieces and ready-made items.

How would you describe your style and taste?

a) Unique and creative, with a touch of nostalgia.

b) Modern and in line with current trends.

c) Minimalistic and practical.

d) Eclectic, a mix of everything!


Mostly As: "Campaigner of Independents" You champion the cause with fervor and humor! Keep seeking out cheeky finds and share the love for local talent. Congratulations! You're a true independent shopper! You appreciate the beauty and personal touch that small, independent shops bring to your life.

Mostly Bs: "Friend of Independents" You're an advocate with a twist, occasionally showcasing your support for unique shops. Embrace your cheeky side more often, and you'll be a true campaigner in no time! While you may lean towards large retail chains or mainstream styles, don't be afraid to explore independent shops. They might just surprise you with their selection and craftsmanship.

Mostly Cs: "Witty Wanderer of Independents" Your affinity for independent shops has a subtle yet charming flair. Venture further into the world of cheekiness and fully embrace your witty independent shopper spirit! Online shopping offers convenience, but don't forget the unique pieces you can find in smaller, independent shops. Venture outside of your comfort zone and you might just find your new favorite shop.

Mostly Ds: "Eccentric Enthusiast of Independents" Your adventurous spirit and artistic flair make you a natural supporter of independent shops. Continue showcasing your eclectic tastes and inspire others to follow! Your eclectic tastes make you the perfect candidate for exploring independent shops! Keep mixing and matching your style with pieces from unique artisans and local creators.

One tangible reward... Get 10% off!

With huge thanks to Lucky Budgie and Flora Fricker for the amazing art works they have created