New Beginnings & Engravings…

What it really means.

We are entering 2020 with the usual resolutions of being more organised, less last minute, more present in the moment and collecting experiences… those special moments when you and your world just click.

Our journeys don’t always pan out the way we thought, and the challenges can be unexpected.

Not that long ago we became a ‘blended family’… We have become a tribe of 6. When that tribe includes 4 children between 12 and 16, every day is an adventure. It highlights how it is the small things that matter… and little ‘golden nuggets’ can come from where you least expect it.

I of course set to work making sure we all have somewhere to hang our coats when we get home, with our base camp peg rack.

When we gather for supper we do so around a “Lazy Susan” board engraved with all our names, stating that ‘our world revolves around this table’… There is a swing in the garden with our family motto and a bench in the boot room with more motivational words. The children make fun of me for insisting on these carvings and family quotes everywhere, but secretly I know they love it!

I strongly believe that our designs not only provide practical solutions for everyday life, but with your own engraving added, it becomes part of the formative story we pass on to our children. In the same way photographs influence the memories that survive, the messages that are carved in oak will stand the test of time and influence the way we think about our childhood and family, be it in a traditional one or not.

Funnily enough it was the 6 pairs of socks knitted by Granny in Norway that made one of them expressly state that they really feel part of the family now…