How to make the perfect Cheese Board

A cheese board can mean anything from a party to a romantic date night snack. There is a bit of a skill involved in making and arranging it, and here are a few tips from the experts...

The cheesemonger's rule: Something old, something new, something stinky, and something blue.

Whether you're serving a crowd or just yourself, arranging a cheese platter or cheese board there are some guidelines worth following. We would say that the aim is to create a satisfying appetiser or snack, rather than an Instagram post...

To make a delicious cheese board, follow these steps:

Pick your cheeses

As with most arrangements your design will always look best if you choose an odd number. 3 or 5 cheeses will feed a crowd.

It is a good idea to speak with your local cheese monger as they will have great knowledge that they are very happy to share. Mix textures and alternate what types of milk the cheeses are from.

Sometimes you may just want to arrange a board around one exceptional cheese.

It goes without saying, but we say it anyway, shop at a place you can taste the cheese before you buy.

Choose a variety of cheeses: A cheese board should include a mix of different types of cheese, such as a soft cheese like brie, a semi-soft cheese like gouda, and a hard cheese like cheddar. This will provide a variety of flavors and textures for your guests to enjoy.

Pick your accompaniments

Our best selling round cheese and everything board...

In addition to the cheeses, a cheese board should include a selection of accompaniments to complement the flavors of the cheese. These might include fruit, such as grapes or sliced apples, nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, and crackers or bread.

Cheese and crackers is a classic combination. There are a vast number of crackers on offer in various sizes and textures. Select at least two different types. Or make your own.

Arrange everything

Arrange the cheeses and accompaniments on a platter or board: Once you have chosen your cheeses and accompaniments, arrange them on a platter or board in an attractive manner. You can group the different cheeses together, and place the accompaniments around them.

The little charcuterie board...

Label it

Include labels or descriptions: To help your guests know what they are tasting, include labels or descriptions for each cheese and accompaniment. This will allow them to learn more about the flavors and origins of the cheeses, and help them make informed choices about what to try.

Leave it

Serve at the right temperature: Cheese should be served at the right temperature in order to fully appreciate its flavor. Soft and semi-soft cheeses should be served at room temperature, while hard cheeses should be served slightly cooler.

One of the great advantages of a cheese board is that you can prepare it all well in advance, leaving you with plenty of time for other things before your guests arrive or before you simply settle down for a cosy evening snack.

Which board to use when?

Pretty much any board can be used for any cheesy gathering. We do of course recommend you have a selection of shapes and sizes so you have a choice to suit your mood, needs and aesthetics at different times.

If you were to only have one board we would recommend The Rectangular Board (thick or thin version). These are great for everyday chopping and serving. They are also easy to store leaning up on their edge almost like a book anywhere in your kitchen.

As a second addition to your collection we recommend The Round Board. Again a great all-rounder (pardon the pun), which many people leave out on their worktop counter all the time. The round shape adds interesting contrasts to kitchens typically full of sharp edges. You also get to appreciate the beauty of the grain of oak from all directions.

The Monogram Board and The Small Chopping Board are perfect for romantic treat evenings and the Charcuterie Boards are fantastic for bigger gatherings.

Mostly we recommend simply to use what you have to hand...

Hand Engraved Boards

Engraving Ideas for cheese lovers


For less cheese specific engravings we carve a lot of HOUSE/CHATEAU NAME, FAMILY NAMES or MOTTOs, or simply SERVED WITH LOVE...

In our expert opinion...

Our real expertise does of course extend beyond the arranging and eating of delicious treats.

The main reason we expect you are reading this is that you know we are the best makers of cheese and chopping boards.

Therefore no 'how-to-make-a-cheeseboard' guide can be complete without showing how the actual cheeseboard is made too...