How do you approach your Christmas shopping?

Early November we live in fear that Christmas is going to go out of fashion.

Every year people seem to start their shopping later and later.

One year the cold weather will come too late, the next year it will be too wet...

There are endless theories trying to make sense of people's shopping habits.

We have no crystal ball, but try to plan ahead so we can offer a great service however the season pans out.

There are a number of different shopping styles, and we think we have a fantastic solution for all.

The Early Birds...

We do we love this style of shopping, and we aspire to be like these customers. One day we will be this organised..

Every year we ask ourselves why we don't get inspired earlier, as this is when you really have time to browse through ideas and put a lot of thought into each present.

Very often this is when people buy the larger presents, like benches, butler tray's, sun-lounger or dog beds. It is only natural to plan ahead when buying something bigger, as you would expect it to take longer to make these items. There are some things we simply are not able to make in December, and it is very helpful to get these orders on their way early on, but there is still time...

The One Present Fits all...

Because most of our products can be personalised with the wording of your choice, they can be made into the most thoughtful present for almost anybody. It means that if you find a design that you love we can help you customise it for your entire present list.

Our boot jacks are the perfect example of this. The perfect present for anybody who wears shoes or boots. But the jars, G&T boards, recharging stations and match boxes are perfect for this style of shopping too!


from £40

There is a jar for every personality and every purpose...

“I love the fact that the things we make take on a meaning far greater than the piece of oak or the practical function of the product. When you add the words in, be it names, dates, places or quotes, it adds a unique dimension which goes far beyond what we could ever have imagined.”

Shopping for yourself (or for the House)...

If you are hosting Christmas this year there are a few essentials you might want to treat yourself to. The most obvious is probably the carving board, but our range of charcuterie boards can come in really handy for those gatherings too!

Some people also find this the perfect opportunity to treat themselves to another centrepiece like a cake-stand, candle runner or even a useful bench for additional seating.

Shopping by Interest...

We have created a useful Gift Guide which you can find on our home page. It can help you find the perfect gift for everybody, be it the gardeners, golfers, cyclists, skiers, runners, walkers, pet lovers, wine & gin lovers or foodies in your life.

We challenge you to email us some details of any 'difficult-to-buy-for' people and your budget, and we will suggest at least a couple of ideas for you...

Shopping for something 'they will use'

There is no joy in buying a present that will be put in a cupboard. We are all aiming to find something they actually use, ideally on a daily basis. And even better if they send you a little loving thought when they do... If you look at our 'Bestseller' list, that is what they will do...

Boot Jack/Pull (Personalised)

from £110
This simple design with a twist makes it easy to take your boots off and keep your socks dry. With the Oak and Rope Company Boot Jack you put your muddy boot on one side, leaving the other side for your clean sock (see below). Beautifully hand made in oak in our workshop.

Shopping for something they have never seen before but have always wanted...

One of the complaints we hear from Christmas shoppers in general is that people these days tend to buy what they want as they see them. So buying something for somebody else is difficult, as people have what they need. However, if you can manage to find something they have never seen before, but is practical and beautiful, then you are on to a winner. A great place to start looking is in our New Design section. We launch new products all the time, and even loyal fans of The Oak & Rope Company will have seen all of these.

Wine Shelf

from £145

We may aspire to that chalk cellar, but never quite get beyond a handful of bottles in the house at any one time... Or even if you have the cellar you may want to keep a few wine bottles to hand at room temperature?

There are many clever quotes and interesting sayi...

Giving a thoughtful present helps us strengthen our connections with friends and family
- Jeanette, Founder of The Oak & Rope Company

The Last Minute Shopper

Some people need a bit of time pressure to focus the mind. Some of our best ideas come when there is just enough time left to see them through.

That is why we set up our Fast Track service (select at check-out). Often these last minute ideas are so good that they are worth paying a little bit extra for getting executed in time.

However we also have a range of really popular off-the-shelf designs, made exactly the same way as all our other products. It is simply that we have chosen to prepare for a few of the most popular engravings. You can click here to see the most popular ones.

And although we very often are about the engravings, our designs are beautiful and practical in themselves. Particularly when you are buying something for someone who already has a lot of our products, in case you just need a reserve present or you can not decide what to engrave, we have our 'Simply'- range which has no engraving, simply one of our coins to show that it is still a genuine Oak & Rope design.