21.10.2019 | Jeanette Aurdal

Why you should buy a SWING as a wedding present...

Buying a swing for a couple is not an established tradition, but we think it should be...

Traditionally people buy swings for their children because it reminds them of their own childhood experiences playing make-believe games where their rope swing was a ship on the ocean, a pony galloping across the prairie or simply the perfect place to chat with your best friend.

Few things are more romantic... and grown ups may appreciate this more than children do!

There are at least 5 reasons why a Couple's Swing will be their favourite present that they will enjoy on the day and for the forever after bit...

Wedding Couple on Swing.JPG

Swing Flowers Wedding.JPG

1. A swing engraved with the couple's names and the date of the wedding makes a great decoration at the wedding party. A lot of wedding venues will have a place for you to hang a swing. It adds a very personal touch to any venue.

The florists simply LOVE to incorporate it in their design!

2. The swing is a great ice-breaker for guests at the party. In fact, some wedding venues actually have their own swing installed, as most people can not resist having a play (see slideshow below too).

It makes a great focal point at the party for young and old alike.

Bride and small child playing on swing at wedding.jpg

Couple playing on swing at wedding.jpg

or a place for quiet a quiet moment as the days events turn into an the evening party...

Bride and child on swing.jpg

Bride posing on Swing.jpg

3. The swings forms a beautiful backdrop for both formal and informal photographs. Photographers LOVE them as they make everybody feel at ease.

A natural smile is never far away when you are playing on one of these seats.

4. People might worry that the couple don't have a tree to hang this from yet and it won't be used... but neither will the twelve settings of formal dinner plates whilst they are living in a flat in town.
It is a momento of the day that they will find a place for one day. In the meantime it can look beautiful all wrapped up to be admired.

Wedding Present Swing Wrapped .jpg


With a bit of imagination one could even find a spot for it inside...

5. Then suddenly one day, before they know it, life will have done what life does; they have a place for the swing and even their own little people who will play on Mummy & Daddy's swing...

The swing will form part of the family's shared memories, a place for important chats, priceless giggles and even a sanctuary when somebody needs a quiet moment.
Life will possibly have it's ups and downs (as it does for most of us),

We Made it Close up with Minny.jpg

George on Swing Instapost.jpg

but a swing can be a constant both for the playful and quiet times. It will remind us to look for the right balance in all things and sometimes take the time to sit and reflect on the journey we are on...

...this may be the 6th reason: What a perfect 'Morning Gift'!