6.11.2021 | Jeanette Aurdal

We all have our hang-ups...

... the question is if you have anywhere to put them?

A place for everything and everything in it's place is something many of us aspire to, but do not succeed with. We fall short at the stage where you are supposed to pack something neatly away as soon as you have finished with it.

Often the packing away takes too long or we think we need it again in a little bit...

This is when the peg rails are so amazing. Hardly a new invention. Traditionally you would have pegs or rails in every room for a variety of household objects.

A wooden peg rail is honestly one of the greatest examples of 'form meets function'. They can be used for practical purposes for easy hanging and retrieving, a well as for styling and decorating! A beautiful way to bring organisation into your home...
- Julie Blanner, home & garden influencer @Julieblanner

"The Shakers are commonly credited with the invention of these rails. They had peg rails in practically every room, often wall to wall as a place to hang any and everything they didn't want to clutter their homes, including hats, coats, utensils, tools and even chairs!" (more ideas can be found on Julie's blog)

Made-to-measure for your walls

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Transform any wall into useful bespoke storage

Sometimes a bit more encouragement may be needed to make sure everything finds it's place... So you can add your own words.

Other people use our peg rails to share some welcoming words, a motivational phrase or simply instructions for what should go where...

You might find some inspiration for your home below.

Coat Peg Rack

from £225

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