13.10.2022 | Jeanette Aurdal

The Oak Side Table - A constant companion...

Our attractive range of side tables has what you need to complete your room, and more…

Marrying style and function a side table is the perfect addition to any room missing that special something. A side table has many jobs. From holding snacks and drinks to magazines and scented candles – not to mention the occasional pairs of feet…

Styled with a lamp, a house plant or a loved ornament they also become a talking-point. Few other pieces of furniture have as much impact for your interior design.

The Round Oak Side Table

from £300

A perfect addition next to your favourite chair. Holds your whiskey or cup of tea with equal elegance. This side table makes a perfect present for anybody who would like to create their own little personal space where spectacles, book and other treats can be kept within reach.

It is also rather useful for a side table to be portable, in case you want to use it in different locations... The Round Side Table is light enough to be moved around, but our Butlers Trays with stand are even more practical and versatile.

Medium Size Butler Tray with stand

Butler Tray Style Side Table

from £355

Beautifully made by our skilled crafts people these side tables show off all the stunning features of European prime oak. Each corner of the table top tray features a very strong joint showing off the end grain of the wood.

The top comes off and can be used separately as a serving tray. The stand folds up for easy storage and transport.

These side tables come in two sizes.

When we design our pieces we always try to create something which ideally can be used for many purposes. The Tray Side Tables definitely qualify as these are as great on a picnic in your garden as they are styled in a drawing room with a lamp.

Some of our designs go even further in that they are grow with you through life...

These little steps make perfect christening presents or early year birthdays... They are perfect for giving little ones a leg-up.

And then one day they will suddenly use it as a side table holding their favourite tipple.

The Oak Block Side Table

from £280

Completely unique solid oak blocks make perfect side tables. They all come with their own unique knots, splits and character.

They come in two sizes (small size photographed here) and you can add rope handles for added texture and ease of moving.

A naughty step transcends age and purpose...

In true Oak & Rope tradition we also often recommend using our classic bench as a side table too...

Classic Benches as Side Tables

from £455

Click the button below to explore our range benches which all make great side tables. The added benefit is of course that when needed these can be used for extra seating too...

A side table is a hard working piece fulfilling many functions. With the wording of your choice engraved, you take an everyday item and turn it into a very personal item. Engrave our side tables with house names, a favourite phrase or simply 'MY HAPPY PLACE'