30.6.2024 | Jeanette Aurdal

The British Social Season...

The British Social Season is a time-honoured tradition that brings together a series of prestigious events, each exuding its unique charm and elegance. This year, The Oak & Rope Company is delighted to be part of this grandeur, with our finely crafted oak designs making waves at some of the season's most iconic gatherings.

Click here for a full overview of "What to do and where to go this season" according to Country & Townhouse Magazine.

The Cheltenham Festival

This horse jump-race is the much anticipated start of The Season in March. Although March could be a tad early for picnicking in the UK, we have plenty of evidence in the workshop that the style at this event is not limited to the outfits alone. The garnish to the G&Ts are prepared exquisitely too!

In fact, enjoying a picnic in the carpark before the main event is a must for many of the events in The Social Calendar. Style should not be limited to the rather strict dress code at these events. While you may not bring the white table cloths and the butler along, one of our butler's trays can certainly elevate the experience.

These versatile trays, with their sturdy stands, transform any setting into a stylish dining area. Whether you are at Ascot, Glyndebourne, or the Henley Regatta, our butler's trays provide a chic surface for your picnic essentials, from gourmet sandwiches to English sparkling wines. Personalised with your choice of engraving, they add a bespoke touch that is both functional and elegant, ensuring your carpark picnic is as memorable as the main event itself.

The Chelsea Flowershow

The Chelsea Flower Show holds a special place in our hearts at The Oak & Rope Company. From the first time I was invited as a guest, I was in awe of the quintessential Britishness of it all. The experience was incredibly educational, offering insights into the finest aspects of horticulture, garden design and The English. Fast forward to 2018, when we had the privilege of having our own stand at the show, showcasing our bespoke oak creations to a discerning audience. This year, we reached another milestone by sponsoring the Best in Show Treehouse stand, an endeavour that filled us with immense pride. Having seen this prestigious event from all angles, I can confidently say it is a cornerstone of our annual calendar. It marks the point when everyone begins to think about their gardens, and for us, it signals the peak of The Swing Season. Our beautifully crafted oak swings become a focal point for many gardens, and there's no better place to start this seasonal celebration than at Chelsea.

Henley Regatta and Wimbledon

Last year, our beautifully designed wine coolers made a splash at the Henley Regatta, and this season, our tennis serving boards are the perfect thank you presents for hosts at Wimbledon, Boodles, or Queens. It's truly a joy to see our creations becoming a cherished part of these iconic British events.

Whether you bring one of our unique designs to elevate your experience at these events, or commission a bespoke piece to express gratitude to your host, we would love to see your photographs.

Celebrating the memories you make with a personalised commission from The Oak & Rope Company is a perfect way to preserve the essence of the occasion.

Tickets for these prestigious events are notoriously hard to come by, making it essential to keep them safe. Our meticulously crafted oak ticket holders provide the perfect solution. Whether safeguarding debenture tickets to Centre Court at Wimbledon or other exclusive invitations, our ticket holders ensure your prized admissions remain secure and stylish. These elegant designs not only protect your tickets but also add sophistication to your event preparations, making them an invaluable addition to any social season.

Our designs are tailored to suit the sentiment of the event and your sense of humour.

Two very different experiences of the same event at Ascot. The sophistication of the English language expressed beautifully on two of our boot pulls...

Each piece we craft is not just an item; it’s a statement, a memory, and a moment captured in oak.

Feel free to share your moments with us, and let our bespoke creations be a part of your unforgettable British Social Season.