7.10.2022 | Jeanette Aurdal

Oak Shelves - Where function meets style…

Shelves come in all shapes for different purposes and settings and provide the most practical storage solution.

Show off your books, trophies, artefacts, objects and ornaments but keep them within reach. Some things need to be stored in a cupboard and only come out when they are needed, but a lot of our possessions are so beautifully designed that they should be on display all the time.

If you are an aesthete you will spend considerable amount of time making sure the things you buy not only functions well, but also looks good. Having made this extra effort they should not be hidden away.

definition of shelf: a thin flat usually long and narrow piece of material (such as wood) fastened horizontally (as on a wall) at a distance from the floor to hold objects

Over the years I have collected many beautiful objects and it is lovely to enjoy them, not only when they are in use. These objects range from iconic tape dispensers and beautiful tins to rocks from the top of my favourite mountains… They all tell a story and displaying these are the best way of making a house a home. They tell more about you than art works bought to fill a specific space.

So having established that some items definitely needs to be on display, the question is what shelves to choose.

The most practical way to store beautiful pieces...

Open shelves vs. shelving units?

Open shelves fixed directly to the wall have a number of advantages over buying a shelving unit. Open shelves can be made to fit the exact space you have available, and can easily be made to fit into odd nooks and crannies. If you wanted a shelving unit, this would then often have to be a bespoke piece of furniture which would be more expensive.

Open shelves do not encroach on your space in the same way other furniture does. The floor space remains the same.

Floating Shelf or Shelf with Brackets?

A floating shelf is a sleek storage with invisible mounting. The hidden suspension brackets make them look like they are part of the wall, and we LOVE them. They make a beautiful design feature wherever you put them. They even make a perfect mantelpiece above a fireplace. However, they do have their limitations. Due to the nature of the suspension they can rarely hold more than 15-20 kg. I would also say that the shelf itself should not be wider than 19 cm to both prevent people from loading too much on to them and to prevent the shelf itself pulling away from the wall.

Floating shelves are fabulous for creating a gallery wall where you can mix and match your artwork or photographs and mix it in with other lighter items, but for your book collections and heavier ornaments it is worth going for a shelf with brackets.

We offer brackets in different finishes to suit your interior. There is even a wooden bracket which is designed to be painted in the same colour as your wall, blurring the differences between the floating shelf and the shelf with brackets. We are sure you will find your favourite.

Shallow or Deep Shelves?

Shallow shelves are perfect above a sofa, in a corridor or hallway or even above a bed. Deeper shelves are perfect in alcoves, in a kitchen or on the sides of a chimney breast.

The deep shelves with brackets can be filled with heavy books, your Kitchen Aid appliances or sculptures.

Our solid oak shelves cover all eventualities and can be made to suit your exact requirements.

Engraving or No Engraving?

At The Oak & Rope Company we clearly have a thing about words, and we tend to engrave most things. However, when it comes to our shelves we are often happy to let the things you put ON the shelves be the thing that catches your eye.

Having said that, a long oak shelf is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your favourite quote into your living space. A motivational quote on a shelf in a hallway, something romantic above your bed or even a family motto on a mantelpiece above a fireplace or in the kitchen? You can find many engraving ideas on our website.

Below you can see our main oak shelf solutions, but please contact us if you have anything else in mind and we can help you with your bespoke project.

The Floating Oak Shelves

from £285

We can make floating shelves to suit any space.

You can choose to have them as a solid shelf or hollowed out as shown on this photo.

Invisible brackets are included.

Narrow Oak Shelf with brackets

from £275

This is probably the most versatile shelving solution there is. The solid oak shelf supported by strong brackets can be installed on any wall. It is the perfect way of creating an instant feature wall above a sofa or a bed. Style it with your favourite pictures and other objects.

Large deep oak shelf with brackets

from £355

These are our most substantial oak shelves. They are perfect for books and other heavy items.

Just measure your space and let us know the quote you might be thinking of and we will show you a mockup.

Deep oak shelves are such an effective way to provide flexible storage AND adding personality to a space.

Small deep oak shelf with brackets

from £220

These small oak shelves can transform any corner of your house. Create a home bar area (with the optional glass holders too) or put a useful shelf by your entrance door or even in a bathroom or lavatory.

We can supply them with wooden brackets which enables you to paint them the same colour as your wall or you can choose between two types of metal brackets. We can't wait to see what you transform your space into...

Coming Soon…

How to install a shelf

How to style a shelf